Viking Profile

Daquan Neal

Daquan Neal’s efforts on the gridiron are paying off for the Franklinton, North Carolina native and Elizabeth City State University Vikings quarterback. Not only does Neal see his days on the field as a lesson in leadership, but it’s also led to the inclusion in the Spiral Tropical Bowl in Florida, a step toward his big dream of playing in the NFL.

“I have grown to realize that as quarterback, I was the leader of the team both on and off the field,” said Neal. “Therefore, I had to intervene and bring the team together during our toughest times.”

Neal says that as a team leader, it was his job to help lift his team members up and help them remember that each one is a valued member of the Viking Football organization.

“I had to get the guys to do better and be better if they began to slack both on and off the field,” he said.

Neal says his decision to come to ECSU was based on the fact that it has provided him with access to affordable higher education. The university is, he said, an affordable path to success and it that helped shape his decision to become a member of the Viking family.

That decision is highlighted by his experience as the Viking quarterback and the opportunity to improve his “craft” on the field and, “Making friends that I will cherish for a lifetime.”