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Viking Profile

Tatiana Keo

Elizabeth City State University students will always tell you, life on campus from students to faculty, to staff is one big family. For senior Tatiana Keo, that experience is no different from her fellow Vikings.

“My decision to attend ECSU was based on a hunch,” says the Lexington, North Carolina native. “Being a first-generation student, it was all up to me to figure it out and I needed somewhere small to figure it out. I didn’t know anyone here and it was four hours away from home. I chose ECSU because it was affordable and the family-like experience that it gave me when I came for my orientation was unmatched.”
The birth-to-kindergarten education student says her experience at ECSU has been “an eye opener.” Life on campus “has been a family affair in many ways.”

“My experience at ECSU has been a dream,” she says.

Ms. Keo says that her university experience is one that she could not have imagined for herself.

“I came to ECSU with no plan and my goal was to create one,” she said. “I’ve created a plan and my final goal is to graduate and that is in the process.”

Ms. Keo is currently working as a teaching assistant while she completes her final year at ECSU. Her goal is to one day own and operate a child care facility.

While on campus, she has been involved with student life. She recommends that students find an area that interests them and get involved. ECSU, she says, “has so much talent and different organizations and clubs that anyone can choose from.”
For her part, Ms. Keo currently serves as the vice president of internal affairs for the ECSU Student Government Association. She enjoys student body meetings, Homecoming, Viking Fest and Consent Week.

“I enjoyed the informal portion of college which are the events and seeing different artists,” said Ms. Keo. “As for Consent Week, I am super supportive of everyone and their choices. I believe in the ideals of Consent Week and every year there are always different events that help students learn about consent without it being too formal.”

As she reflects on the past three years, Ms. Keo says to freshmen, that “being yourself” is important.

“Be who you are and over time you will find enjoyment in new things,” she said. “Don’t let what one does affect you. You are in charge of your life and only you can get yourself from point A to point Z.”

For Ms. Keo, point Z will be graduation in spring 2021 when she moves on and begins the next phase of her life, pursuing her dreams and goals.