Viking Profile

Brittney Lamb

If you know Brittney Lamb, the 2017-2018 Elizabeth City State University Student Government Association president, then you likely know her infectious smile. The Elizabeth City native and 2016-2017 Miss ECSU, takes her smile everywhere, letting people know that she is a proud Viking, and a student on her way to great things.

“It’s been a journey, finding what I truly enjoy, a career path, personal time,” Lamb says of her last three years at ECSU. “It’s been a transitional period, and that’s been an amazing thing to experience.”

Last year, Lamb competed for several titles as Miss ECSU, bringing home the coveted Miss CIAA, to name one. In a past interview, she said her time as Miss ECSU was a time to bring her fellow students together, and give back to them, and to the university that she loves.

Her time spent as Miss ECSU, Lamb says, gave her a confidence she needs to move forward as the SGA president. Lamb admits she is “naturally shy,” however being Miss ECSU moved her beyond that, toward a more confident young woman.

 What Lamb learned as Miss ECSU, and what she would pass along to the current title holder, Arielle Beamon, is simply to, “Look at every moment as an opportunity to learn.”

As SGA president, Lamb says she is planning on bringing that same spirit to her senior year. She wants to lead the campus by raising awareness of the many opportunities students have, and to get students more involved in Viking life.

She says her SGA administration is dedicated to “being consistent with the student body,” and “Enjoying the experience.”

“That’s the big thing,” says Lamb, “because we can get caught up in our own schedule and forget that we have a unique opportunity to interact with professors, and advisors, and interact with people we may not have known before.”

She’s also looking forward to November, when ECSU will participate in the national HBCU Week of Action. The event is covered by a number of HBCUs and will include community service opportunities, town hall meetings, and forums.

If there is one thing Lamb would like to see change on campus, it’s getting the students more connected with the many opportunities that exist for them.

“I would love for our students to know how many opportunities they have outside the classroom,” said Lamb.

Lamb says that during the coming year students will see a variety of programs which feature cultural events, artistic events, and opportunities to raise social awareness. Reaching out and getting her fellow Vikings involved in these events, she says, is a major goal.

“That’s exciting to me,” said Lamb, flashing her characteristic smile.