Viking Profile

Josh McCoy


“I grew up nearby, in Camden, near the water, just like it is in Elizabeth City.  I looked at other schools, but decided on ECSU because they treated me like family from the first day of contact. And to add to that feeling, that fit, I was honored to be part of the MODEL Scholars Program, a bridge program for freshmen held on campus before fall classes start. MODEL stands for Motivation, Opportunities, Determination, Excellence and Leadership, and it was a really good deal for me, because it paid for my summer classes, enabled me to earn seven academic credits and, most importantly, gave me a chance to get used to college life before regular classes began. It was a great way to start my college career.”

“Nonetheless, my first year was an eye-opening experience, because it was the first time I’d actually been on my own, I was a minority student in an HBCU and I learned about the importance of figuring out who I am and to fight the temptation of simply following the crowd. What’s right for the crowd isn’t going to necessarily be right for an individual, and I certainly found that out. I learned to follow myself ---- to be true to myself.”

“So, long story short, I had a steep learning curve. Not just the on-my-own thing, but the difference in classes from high school. I was thinking that 16 weeks was forever ---- until I took college algebra with Dr. Rook. The course was algebra, and it was hard for me, but I learned two really important things in that class: 1) Math matters and 2) life lessons are at least as important as what you learn in class. He taught us all by showing us (not telling us), that math is part of critical thinking and therefore a key life skill and that the only way to know if what you’re doing is right is to know yourself, first. “

“I learned a lot my freshman year, and in so many ways, grew up a little. And in my sophomore year, I started to give back. I got involved in the NAACP, decided on a major ---- Criminal Justice ---- and decided I want to be in law enforcement and to make a difference. I’m finding that ECSU is the perfect place to prepare me for that career.”

Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus would be the promenade because that is where you will see most of the student life. Whenever there are events outside or it’s just a nice sunny day, there are many students out there on the promenade having a good time. This place is the heart of our student life.

Professors that influence you the most: One of the first professors that influenced me was Professor Rook. He was my college Algebra professor for the Model Scholars Program. He was a tough teacher, but he taught his students to just be yourself in college and study hard. I have taken that advice and it has helped me through my freshman year until this present day.

Advice for other students:  My advice to other students would be just be yourself. College is full of peer pressure and temptations. I have seen a lot of students with the potential of doing great things go down the wrong path. College is a time for you to find out who you truly are and it seems that some people forget about that. It seems our society has fallen victim to the popularity stage. Many students will do whatever it takes to impress others instead of focusing on their schoolwork and just being themselves.