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Shadrick Addy


Shadrick Addy stands in Director of Marketing Rhonda Hayes’s office smiling. It’s a genuine smile that betrays his excitement. He is a marketing intern and the Elizabeth City State University senior says he couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of operations in the department.

“Working with the marketing department is the highlight of my ECSU experience,” says the 27-year-old graphic design major. “It has helped me become a better designer.”

Addy has come a long way since he arrived in the U.S. from his native Liberia. When he was 14 he left his homeland amidst the strife of civil war.

“It was like a relief,” he says of coming to the U.S.

Addy first arrived in Georgia to live with his aunt. When his aunt moved to Elizabeth City, he followed her. The move here, he says, has afforded him one opportunity after another.

“A lot of people have helped me along the way,” says Addy.

Addy first attended College of the Albemarle where he earned two degrees, an Associate in Art and an Associate in General Education. He transferred to ECSU to study graphic design.

“Once I found out I had the opportunity to be here at ECSU, I decided to major in graphic design,” he said.

Graphic design is the perfect fit for Addy. With his love of the arts, he has found a place where he can express himself and create a life beyond his days as an undergraduate.

While a student here, Addy launched his own company, Shadrick Addy Design and Marketing. He has cultivated clients and has designed logos for several area businesses. But that is only the beginning for the graphic designer.

He has graduate school on his mind and when he applied to three graduate programs, all of them sent him acceptance letters. Addy says he chose North Carolina State University. He will pursue a Masters in Graphic Design first, and then he will work toward his doctorate in design.

While on the campus of ECSU, Addy has made the most of his time here. Not only is he a market department intern, he has also served on a number of committees and chaired last year’s International Week events. He has also worked in the campus cafeteria, a job he says gave him the opportunity to meet a diverse cross section of ECSU students.

Addy says he is very grateful for the opportunities he has had over the years. He says coming from Africa, he has seen how much opportunity is available to him, and he has embraced it.

“Why not enjoy it? I know people back home who would do anything to be here,” says Addy.