Viking Profile

TimMay Beale

As she recalls it, TimMay’s mother was always confident her daughter could reach nearly any goal she set. A full schedule of high school athletic and academic responsibilities, only set the pace for the schedule she keeps at ECSU. She thrives here with a list of clubs, organizations, many in leadership positions ---like Beta Gamma Sigma (the national business honor society). Social entrepreneurship competitions and the Student Government Association contest which resulted in her being named Miss 1891 can’t be omitted.

ECSU proved to be the right place for her--- a small school that offers students plenty of ways to shine. TimMay was recruited to ECSU on a dance scholarship, but discovered there was an even better route to a debt-free, college degree. She enrolled with the university’s Army ROTC and contracted to serve her country after graduation. She’ll enter the Army as a commissioned officer. If all goes well, she’ll consider it as a career.

“The transition to college was made much easier because I went to Band Camp before enrolling. When I did enroll, I fit in easily, becoming band dance captain my first year. That and the professors who took an interest in me,” TimMay said.

“Dr. Joy Smith, chair of the Business & Economics department, really made a difference in my college life. She supported my interests and she got that while I love business, I love the military and the arts, as well. Most people don’t get the connections, but Dr. Smith did, understanding that it’s perfectly OK---and often beneficial ---to be comfortable with a range of educational disciplines. I’m hoping to combine my love of business and the arts to get into Finance and/or Intelligence in the Army,” TimMay said.

“For anyone who is looking for a personal education--and all that that means - I highly recommend ECSU. It’s the right size for learning, and at least for me, it has let me be me and grow into who I’ll eventually become. One piece of advice: take advantage of everything this institution offers. Get involved, apply for scholarships, get to know your professors. But by all means, seriously consider ECSU. It’s a good place.” TimMay said.

Favorite place on campus: The Mickey L. Burnim Fine Arts Center is my favorite place on campus because it’s where cultural programs and events take place and where students get to show their talents and express who they are to others.

Professors who influenced you the most: Professor Joy Smith, Chair of the Department of Business and Economics. She always believed in me! She was behind me one hundred percent throughout my college experience and helped me seize great experiences to make me the person I am today.

Advice for other students: Because our institution is small, the student to teacher ratio is low. You are able to get personal attention and have a one-on-one relationship with your professors and most importantly, your advisor. Everyone on campus knows everyone, so it is not hard to make lifelong friends. ECSU offers so many opportunities 3/4 foundation scholarships, study abroad programs, ROTC contracts and scholarships, and clubs and organizations. Make your college experience what you want to make it and set your life in motion. Times may get hard, but through the grace of God, anything is possible.