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Titus Lee

You’ll likely not find Elizabeth City State University graduate and the 2015-2016 Mr. ECSU, Titus Lee, becoming a lawyer or law enforcement officer any time soon. Although the Winston-Salem native received his degree in criminal justice, his love is acting.

“I know it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum,” says Lee. “Honestly, I’m good at criminal justice. I really enjoy it. But I realized my junior year I didn’t have a passion for it. My true passion is acting, singing.”

As Mr. ECSU, Lee had been in the limelight during his senior year. He was Elizabeth City State University’s male face, representing the school during a number of events, including recruitment opportunities.

Lee, along with Miss ECSU Suehier Ali, spent a good part of the 2015-2016 school year speaking with middle and high school students about becoming a member of the Viking family. He says it’s an opportunity for the younger students to invest in their future.

“Like so many others, ECSU has been a beacon of hope for me,” says Lee. “A lot of students, had it not been for ECSU, would not have furthered their education.”

Lee admits that his first choice would have been to attend North Carolina A&T. However, a number of family members attended ECSU, and so he decided he would check out the campus.

“I came to ECSU and felt the family vibe,” said Lee. “Everyone was so welcoming.”

Lee says he could see that the size of the university also provided a more intimate environment. That environment, he says, has played a significant role in his education.

“One of the advantages, a major aspect, is the connections you build with professors,” Lee said. “You’re able to really get connected here.”

The connections that Lee made are some of the things he would emphasize to future ECSU students. He says that due to this university’s intimate size, students are able to not only connect more readily, but also learn more.

“This is a very homey space for students,” says Lee. “It’s a great place to stay focused.”

Lee is putting his sites on graduate school. He says he is looking at a program in Alabama. In Alabama, he says, he is close to Atlanta, and it is in Atlanta that Titus hopes to begin seeing his acting dreams flourish.

“It’s a journey,” Lee says of his acting ambitions.