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Located:  Ridley Student Center
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 9:00A-5:00P
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Tailgating includes in-stadium parking and two game tickets: $100.00
Contact Athletics: (252) 335-


General Rules for Roebuck Stadium Tailgating

ECSU's Alcohol Policy enforces.

  • It is a violation of state law and university policy to illegally possess, use, distribute, manufacture, sell or be under the influence of illicit drugs.
  • Most importantly, individuals, groups and organizations holding or participating in tailgate parties are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to respect the rights of others and the entire University community.
  • No overnight occupancy is allowed in tailgating areas. Tailgating sites open at 7:30 am on "game day" and must be cleared and cleaned by 8 pm. Please place all trash in trash bags and place in the trash containers. If tailgating areas are unavailable to collect your materials due to road closure or contraflow traffic, we ask that you be ready to move out when the roads reopen.
  • The ECSU Athletics Department reserves the right to reject any organization whose goals, objectives or presentation of goods may be offensive to the citizens and not in the best interest of the university. Any tailgater who refuses to adhere to the guidelines as indicated will be subjected to ejection from the stadium without refund.
  • Excessively loud music will not be tolerated. Please make sure that all music is suitable for public listening. No vulgarity or offensive language will be allowed.
  • Tailgaters must present photo identification in order to pick up their tailgating passes and enter the tailgating area on game day. A game ticket must also be displayed.


General Parking                 $10.00

General Tailgating            $20.00

General RV’s                       $30.00


In-Stadium Parking          $20.00

In-Stadium Tailgating      $100.00 (includes 2 game tickets)

In-Stadium RV’s                 $60.00


To help you enjoy the Viking Pride Spirit of Homecoming, here are some safety tips for you, your friends and your family members.

Personal Safety

  • Wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing. With limited parking, walking is the preferred way to get to most of the events on campus.
  • If in a group, have a designated meeting point or a re-unification plan in case of emergency.
  • If you intend to consume alcohol and can legally do so (age 21+ and at a permitted event), make sure you have a designated driver and a way to safely return home.
  • Use the “Buddy System.” When with friends at a party or event, agree to watch out for eachother and leave the event together.
  • Always avoid walking alone in isolated areas, such as parking lots and taking shortcuts.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you at all times. If you suspect you are being followed, indicate your suspicion by looking behind you. Change your direction or vary your speed. Call University Police from your cell phone. Do not confront anyone following you.
  • If confronted by someone trying to victimize you, try to obtain a good physical description of the subject to give to the police.

Property Safety

  • Keep personal identification and credit cards to a minimum on your person.
  • Always secure your residence hall doors and windows. Do not prop doors open or leave unlocked for any period of time.
  • Do not allow unauthorized persons to enter into residence halls behind you. Report unauthorized visitors immediately to the residence hall officials and University Police.
  • Secure all valuables in the trunk of vehicles, not in the visible passenger area of the vehicle.

ECSU University Police