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ug chem

You will learn fundamental structures of matter and their atomic, electronic, and molecular compositions, physical changes that transforms a matter from one state to another, and chemical reactions that change one matter to another.


Plan of Study

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

GIS/Remote Sensing

With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry you can work:

High school as a Chemistry teacher and/or a Science teacher

Industry as a Chemical technician; Toxicologist; Water chemist; Analytical chemist; Synthetic chemist; Quality control chemist; Organic chemist, or Physical scientist;

Federal and/or State government (i.e. NASA, NOAA, EPA, USGS, USDA, US Navy, US Air Force).

While pursue a Major in Chemistry, you can apply for opportunities to study abroad, paid summer internships at REU sites in the national universities, and internship opportunities with ECSU faculty members.


Department Chair

Eyualem Abebe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Pharmacy
302 Jenkins Science Complex
Campus Box 930
Phone: (252) 335-3236
Fax: (252) 335-3697