Honors Policy

Honor’s Designations for Graduates 


Latin Honors and Honor Cords 

For the purposes of the commencement ceremony, including the distribution of honor cords and the printing of the commencement program, distinctions are calculated based on the grades up to, but not including, the student’s final term. The final assessment is completed after senior final semester grades are calculated and honors designation will appear on the student's transcript once degrees are conferred. A list with Latin Honor’s will be made available at commencement and cords will only be distributed based on this approved list. 

Transfer Students: To be eligible for degrees with distinction, a student must have earned at least 60 semester hours in residence at Elizabeth City State University. The student must also have the required overall average in all course work attempted and at least a 3.0 average in all transfer courses. 

Degrees with distinction are awarded to graduating seniors in the following categories: 

     ·   Cum Laude for GPA 3.25 through 3.59 (white) 

     ·.   Magna Cum Laude for GPA 3.60 through 3.79 (yellow) 

     ·    Summa Cum laude for GPA 3.80 through 4.00 (red) 


Graduation Requirements

Elizabeth City State University bachelor's degree to students who have satisfactorily fulfilled the following graduation requirements:

  • Completion of all General Education courses as prescribed by the university for all students;
  • Have an overall grade point average of 2.0, and a major grade point average of 2.0 or higher, depending on the Academic Department;
  • Completion of all courses and other requirements prescribed by the major Department (For specific Department or program requirements, see individual sections as described in this catalog.);
  • A record of having taken and completed the required examinations or approved equivalents for exiting the program of study;
  • Demonstration of personal and professional qualities which are expected of an educated person, as verified or affirmed by the appropriate university officials;
  • Approval and recommendation by the Department and general faculty as a worthy candidate for graduation;
  • Filing of an Application for Graduation for the Fall by September 15, Spring Semester by November 15, and the Summer by April 15 in the Office of the Registrar;
  • Meeting all financial obligations to the university through the Office of Business and Finance; and
  • Meeting the residence requirements of the university.

Presence of candidates for degrees is required at graduating exercises, except when permission for graduating in absentia has been granted by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. A written request for permission to graduate in absentia must be made at least 10 days prior to Commencement Day.

It is the sole responsibility of each candidate for graduation to meet with the academic advisor of the major Department and have his or her academic record evaluated for the purpose of finding out whether all institutional and departmental requirements for graduation have been met.

All Teacher Education majors must take the required parts of the PRAXIS SERIES and have the scores on file in the Registrar's Office.