Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center


The Academic Support Center is the component of the Department of General Studies which provides academic support services to the academic programs of Elizabeth City State University. Students who would benefit from the support services are recommended to the Center as a result of pre-college performance records and entrance examinations, on a voluntary basis, or through referrals.

Based upon the results of The Freshmen Placement Exams the following developmental courses are offered to enhance the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics:

  • GE 100 Grammar & Composition
  • GE 106 College Reading
  • GE 109 Introduction to College Math

In addition to these courses, the Center houses three distinct laboratories that enhance the basic discipline skills vital for academic success.

  • The Reading Laboratory - Room 102 Moore Hall
  • The Mathematics Laboratory - Room 134 Moore Hall
  • The Writing Laboratory - Room 103/110 Moore Hal

The laboratory specialists design and implement student-oriented activities geared to the individual academic needs of students enrolling in the program. A variety of resources which promote learning and improve academic performance are available for students. These include topic-specific video taped lectures, computer tutorials, learning modules, audio-tutorials, workbooks, and tutorial assistance.  

Writing LabReading LabMath Lab