Academic Support Services

academic support services


The Peer Tutorial Program            peer tutorint                             

The University Studies Peer Tutorial Program has the sole purpose of strengthening student academics.  The Peer Tutorial Program at ECSU seeks to improve the matriculation rate of students in all courses.  Students have the option to participate in individualized or group tutoring.  Online tutoring is also available. 

 The goals of the University Studies Peer Tutorial Program are to:

  • Promote academic excellence by providing tutorial services to students’ from trained, academically qualified peer tutors;
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff to improve student retention rates as it relates to issues concerning D/F/W rates in general education courses;
  • To partner with faculty, departments, and divisions to provide peer tutorial services around campus;
  • To provide students with supplemental instruction or individualized tutorial services in a safe, technologically advanced, learning conducive environment.

 What is Tutoring?

           Tutoring Is….

          1.       A series of sessions used to evaluate the depth of learner understanding

          2.       Helpful if done over time

          3.       A support that builds independent learning

          4.       A way to stay on track in class(es)

          5.       A method used to build skills beyond content knowledge

          6.       For ALL learners

          7.       Interactive, Collaborative, & Engaging

          Tutoring is Not………..

          1.       A substitution for going to class

          2.       A quick fix

          3.       Homework completion time

          4.       A replacement for the instructor

          5.       Helpful if you’ve missed several classes

          6.       Just for  “smart” students

          7.       A life line


Online Tutoring (TutorMe)

ECSU is proud to offer free online tutoring assistance to all enrolled students through TutorMe.  TutorMe is an online tutorial service that provides:

  •  A network of over 6,000 highly qualified and experienced tutors
  • Connect with an expert tutor online 24/7
  • Screen sharing capabilities
  • Learn from the convenience of your dorm, home or lab
  • Available now in Blackboard!


tutor me 
  To Access TutorMe

Sign into your Blackboard course

Click on the TutorMe logo under Course Tools

Type in your question or subject area of concern in the TutorMe site


Mrs. Dana Poole

Coordinator of Tutorial Services

Room 121 HL Trigg

(252) 335-3575