General Education

general education



The mission of the General Education Program is to provide students with a broad knowledge and appreciation of the arts and sciences as well as the intellectual skills that provide the basis for effective communication, problem-solving, and evaluation.  The core curriculum assists students in developing proficiency in critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics in the context of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences while encouraging them to become active life-long learners in society.



 The General Education curriculum will establish a culture of excellence in undergraduate education, teaching, and learning at Elizabeth City State University.  Hence, students will be prepared for leadership in their major and beyond.


General Education Learning Outcomes:

                  a.       Critical Thinking

                  b.      Oral Communication

                  c.       Written Communication

                  d.      Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning (Math and Science)

                  e.       Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement

                  f.       Information Technology Literacy