Viking First Year Experience (FYE)

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ECSU is committed to the success and retention of all students and most especially to the first-year student.


THE FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE (FYE) is a program designed to help new students make the CONNECTION to university life, academic excellence, student activities, programs and events, and resources. The program will more clearly define common experiences for all new students and provide a more coordinated and integrated approach to the first-year experience.

The Viking FYE, which begins at New Student Orientation, is the start of the student's journey toward the adjustment to college and the achievement of academic, personal, and career goals.

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In addition to First Year Academic Advising, freshmen students can look forward to:

  • Freshman Seminar I & II: The Freshman Seminars (UNIV 110 & 120) are mandatory first-year courses offering one credit hour each.  They are designed as introductory college courses in which students will have the opportunity to explore the overall building blocks for college success and for future roles as lifelong learners and citizens.


  • Service Learning: The mission of the ECSU University Studies Service Learning Project is to offer students authentic educational experiences combined with real-life applications.  These experiences will afford life-enhancing opportunities to gain foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills while meeting the needs of the campus and local community.


The Viking FYE encourages first-year students to become involved, committed, and successful members of the university community by participating in the many academic, social, and cultural opportunities available at ECSU. Faculty, staff, and students will provide every new student with the resources and services to achieve academic excellence and success.

Connect Academically 

Know the Professors
Know your Plan of Study
Know your academic advisor
Know academic requirements
Use University and academic resources
Grow intellectually

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Dr. Tarsha Rogers, Chair

Department of University Studies

Coordinator/First Year Experience
107A H. L. Trigg Building
Campus Box 956
Phone: (252)335-3327
Fax: (252)335-3601