Aviation Science Program


Elizabeth City State University is located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The Aviation Science Program is the academic unit of Elizabeth City State University that educates and trains students for careers and opportunities in aviation and space science. The University's proximity to the many large and small businesses, manufacturers, military installations, and government agencies that are integrally involved with aviation and aerospace makes Elizabeth City State University ideally located for students interested in aviation and aerospace careers. And, for students interested in careers as professional pilots, the weather and temperatures of northeastern North Carolina are near perfect for maximizing the number of days available for flight training activities.

The aviation programs at Elizabeth City State University offer students a comprehensive education in their chosen aviation area of study. Moreover, the curriculum offers general education and liberal arts courses that are intended to help students to broaden their perspectives about themselves and their careers while, at the same time, giving them the knowledge and confidence to be successful in the competitive fields of aviation and aerospace.

Aviation students have a range of aviation program options from which to choose. An experienced and dedicate aviation faculty helps each student on an individual basis to choose the aviation program that best meets his/her career interests. An important academic requirement is that all students must complete an aviation internship that allows them to work and to learn at one of the many aviation-related companies in the area. As an aviation intern, students are able to gain real-life, practical work experiences in their chosen field of aviation or aerospace before graduation.