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More and more our lives are informed and shaped by the digital media we encounter and use, whether it is the programs we use as part of our jobs or the daily media we consume. Our Digital Media majors learn the skills to both create and critique these medias. They go on to have careers in television and radio production, digital communications, public relations, video editing, videography, public information, social media analysis, and directing. Digital Media majors’ study rhetorical theory, multimodal communication, social media analysis and the production of digital artifacts, including, but not limited to, promo reels, web documentaries, and interactive virtual tours.

Furthermore, students experience the process of video production including editing and cinematography to ultimately produce tangible, digital products for their future careers. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of terms related to Digital Media via exams. The exam includes theories related to media, rhetoric, and interactivity. Most Digital Media courses will have an exam component in order for majors to be equipped for the job market. 

  • Students will demonstrate their production skills by applying media editing skills to produce media projects.

  • Students will demonstrate their post-production editing skills by presenting their media projects to the Digital Media Showcase. The showcase is an end-of-semester event where students in MCOM 159 (a required course for majors) must showcase their media project to the public. 

  • Students will demonstrate their production filming skills by applying filming techniques when it comes to producing media projects.



Bachelor of Art in Digital Media


  • English

  • Spanish

  • Communication Studies

  • Content Editor

  • Content Strategist

  • Corporate Video

  • Digital Storyteller

  • Editor

  • Media Director

  • Media Promotions

  • Multimedia Designer

  • Producer (Television, Radio, Film)

  • Production Coordinator

  • Public Relations Specialist

  • Social Media Specialist

  • Sound Engineer

  • Videographer


Salary Information:

Digital Media is interdisciplinary, so there are a number of avenues for careers. Some of the average salaries are 56,770 for Social Media Specialists, 59,300 for Video and Digital Editors, and 88,270 for Web Analytics Specialists as of 2017.

  • Mass Media Club

  • WRVS Air Force


  • Digital Media Lab

  • TV Station (W18BB) 

  • Radio Station (WRVS 89.9)

Every semester, the Department of English and Digital Media hosts a Digital Media Showcase.  This event is for students within our programs demonstrating their multimedia projects. The Digital Media Showcase is open to all ECSU staff, faculty, and students as well as the greater community. 

National Art Education Association

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

(iDMAa) International Digital Media and Arts Association

(SMA) Social Media Association


Digital Media

Communications (Teach Out 2021)

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