Financial Aid

New Virtual Financial Aid
New Business Practices

Due to our campus safety response to COVID, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has developed some new operating practices to help us serve you better and more safely as you navigate campus life during  the pandemic.

Students are highly encouraged to complete their business online without coming to campus. Everything you need to complete your financial aid can be completed electronically and we have added a couple of new features to serve you better.

Please take advantage of our Virtual Financial Aid Lobby

Connect with us via Zoom!  When a call or email just won’t do, visit us virtually using the above link which will take you to the FA waiting room where we can provide the same service you would expect at our office counter in Thorpe.

Please take advantage of our Online Appointments (E4U)

If you want to schedule an appointment with your FA counselor, use E4U/Navigate to find our availability for a one-on-one Zoom session at a time that works for you.

New Electronic Online Forms

All of our financial aid forms have been converted to an e-sign format – no printing required!  If you need to submit a form (we’ll let you know if you do), click the appropriate form link and it will be routed to your email for completion and e-signature (and also your parent, if required). You can even attach supporting documentation to the form (like for an appeal or professional judgment).  We accept all manner of electronic document types – pdf, jpeg, png or even a picture of the document in question.  Just make sure the copy you submit is one we can read and includes all pages (front and back).

As Always, Please Contact Us:

Even with the new processes in place, you can still reach us via email or phone (252-335-3283).  Don’t hesitate to reach out - all students have an assigned FA Counselor based on your last name:

Students A - G                   Dawn Brumsey  

Students H - Q                  Towanniah Morris

Students R - Z                   Cynthia Williams

Please be aware, students are encouraged to use the new virtual services instead of coming by in person if at all possible.  This is for your safety and ours.  

When campus open and you must come in, please adhere to social distancing measures required while on campus.  Help us to help you stay safe!  Wear your mask, wash your hands often and keep at least 6 feet from your fellow students, faculty and staff. 

How to Apply

A Step By Step Guide to Financial Aid

Elizabeth City State University encourages you to apply for financial aid assistance today! Application to our institution does not obligate you to accept our financial aid offer. It does, however, give the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (OSFAS) staff the information we need to assist you in making your college choice. Let us help you discover how Elizabeth City State University could fit into your future. Please review the 7 easy steps to apply for financial aid below!


7 easy steps to FinAid


Here is important information on the steps to applying for financial aid assistance at Elizabeth City State University

1. Apply to the University
Please visit the Office of Admissions website to learn about completing and submitting your Admissions application. After reading the instructions, please fill out the online application as thoroughly as possible. Print the application agreement statement that appears after you submit the application. Return it with a nonrefundable application fee of $30 to the Office of Admission. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships will not be able to review your financial aid application until you have been admitted to the university.
 2. Complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

All students must meet the initial student eligibility requirements and complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list our School Code 002926. Submit your FASFA by the priority deadlines. Applications are only considered once a student has been accepted to ECSU and admitted to a degree program. At ECSU, FAFSA applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.

For an overview of the financial aid process, check out this Youtube video:

 Overview of the Financial Aid Process


3Provide Additional Information if Requested

                            View the "After the FAFSA: What Happens Next?" youtube video

Once ECSU has received a copy of your FAFSA, an award offer will be electronically sent to the student. Some students will be required to complete the process of Verification. Verification is the process in which The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships verifies that the information on the FAFSA is accurate. If you are selected for verification, you must complete the verification process before any awards will be finalized. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships contact the student via email and through the Self Service Banner (SSB) portal if any additional documents are needed to complete your file . The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships will submit all changes required as a result of Verification. When you submit any documents to the office, please make sure that your name and student ID number are included on all documents.

4. Review your Award Offer

Award letters will be mailed out to all students as they are completed. When the review process is complete, the student will receive an award letter. The award letter is also available in Banner Self Service. Students who receive an award letter should go to Self-Service Banner to accept, reduce, or decline their federal student loans. Loan funds will not be paid to student accounts unless they are accepted on Banner Self Service. In Banner, students can view their financial aid status at any time. They can also view any outstanding requirements, view their student account summary, and view and pay bills.

5. Accept Terms & Conditions
Students must accept the following Terms & Conditions on Self-Service Banner.

While at ECSU:

  1. I must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which is complete 67% of the classes attempted for each semester, have the required semester GPA & complete my program of study within 150% of the hours needed to graduate (Please review the SAP policy).
  2. I may be awarded only up to my cost of attendance (COA). I am required to report any outside scholarships & loans that I receive & that they may reduce the amount of financial aid that I receive in order that my total award does not excess my COA. I will use all awarded funds only for expenses related to my study. I must return any funds received that I am not eligible for.
  3. If I decide to withdraw from ECSU before the 60% mark of the semester I will not be eligible to receive my full disbursement of federal aid that I was awarded.
  4. I cannot be enrolled in two or more post secondary schools at the same time. Funds are awarded based on financial need & credit hours. I am obligated to report any change in my circumstances.
  5. I do not owe a refund on any grant or loan, am not in default on any loan or have made satisfactory arrangements to repay any defaulted loan, & have not borrowed in excess of the loan limits under Title IV programs at any institution.
  6. I authorize ECSU to defer my tuition, fees, books, room & board charges to my federal, state & institutional aid. I understand that I may rescind this authorization at any time.

I authorize release & exchange of information between ECSU, educational institutions, & educational state agencies, & agree that such information exchanged may include financial, enrollment, academic status, identification, legal residency, & location information necessary to assure proper administration of federal, state & institutional financial aid programs. If I purposely give false or misleading information, I may be fined $20,000, sent to prison, or both.

Click here for steps on How to Accept Terms & Conditions