Students With Criminal ConvictionsPage Title


Students who have been convicted of possession or sale of drugs while receiving Federal Student Aid may be ineligible for Federal Student Aid. If it is determined that a student is ineligible for Federal Student Aid due to a drug conviction, the Office of Student Financial Aid will inform the student in writing of their ineligibility and the methods of reestablishing eligibility.

The following chart illustrates the period of ineligibility of Federal Student Aid funds:


   Offense            Possession of Illegal Drugs
Sale of Illegal Drugs
1st Offense
 1 year from date of conviction  2 years from date of conviction
2nd Offense
 2 years from date of conviction  Indefinite period
3+ Offenses
Indefinite period  


If a student was convicted of both possession and selling illegal drugs, the student will be ineligible for a longer period. The student regains eligibility the day after the period of ineligibility ends or when they successfully complete a qualified drug rehabilitation program or pass two unannounced drug tests given by such a program. A student is eligible for Federal Student aid if a conviction was reversed, set aside, removed from the student’s record, or if the student was convicted as a juvenile. Conflicting information within a student file will require the student to submit documented proof of their drug conviction status.