Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy

Treatment of Title IV funds when a student withdraws

Financial aid is awarded to a student under the assumption the student will complete the entire period for which the aid was awarded. If a student withdraws before the 60% (as measured in calendar days) of the semester, the student may no longer be eligible for the full disbursement of Title IV aid and other financial aid awarded.

A student should report to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to review the calculations of the student unearned aid due by the school and the unearned aid due by the student to the Department of Education or other agencies. Elizabeth City State University will attempt to notify the student no later than 30 days from the official withdrawal date to return its share of the student's unearned aid and the student has 45 days from the notification date to return that portion.

 An entrance and exit interview is required for students that have received loans.

 A student that has not completed the verification process as of the withdrawal date, will be ineligible to receive any financial aid credit to their account. Additional Title IV funds will end if the student fails to repay his portion of unearned Title IV funds within the proper time frame.

Return of Tile IV Policy and Procedure (updated Nov. 2017)

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