Frequently Asked Questions

for students


How can I get a copy of my transcript?

For official copies of your transcript, please see our Transcript Requests page. Unofficial copies (i.e. for academic advising) are available on Self-Service Banner.

How much does a transcript cost?

There is an $5.00 charge for each transcript plus shipping and handling. Orders can be placed online, within Self-Service Banner or you may order an electronic copy of your official transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse. All transcripts are $5.00 per copy with additional costs for using this online service.

How do I get a letter certifying that I am a student (i.e. for insurance).

On SSB students can obtain a verification certificate. Under the Student Records tab, the link NSC. This is an official document. Some agencies still require a letter, therefore students will need to submit a Student Verification form and hand deliver or  e-mail registrar@ecsu.edu.

Can a lender get verification that a borrower is a current student?

Yes, all of our enrollment certifications for lenders are done through the National Student Clearinghouse. Lenders may contact them at 703-742-7791 for more information.

Where can I get a Permit for Transient Study form?

The Permit for Transient Study form is located online. Please view the Admission Requirements: Special/Transient page for additional information.

If I have a hold on my account. What do I do to take care of this?

Log on Self Service Banner to see what type of hold you have on your account. If  you're unable to see the hold, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 252-335-3300 or 252-335-3302 and we can send you to the appropriate office. For balance holds, please contact Student Accounts. 

      I need a class to graduate, but the class is full, what can I do?

      The student must contact the instructor and Department Chair to seek approval for a capacity override.

        How do I apply for graduation?

This process begins in the student’s major department with their advisor or department chair. There’s an application for graduation process.

Do I qualify for a degree with distinction?

Degrees with distinction are awarded to graduating seniors in the following categories:

  • Cum Laude for GPA 3.25 through 3.59
  • Magna Cum Laude for GPA 3.60 through 3.79
  • Summa Cum laude for GPA 3.80 through 4.00
To be eligible for degrees with distinction, a student must have earned at least 55 semester hours in residence at Elizabeth City State University. The student must also have the required overall average in all course work attempted..
Any decision about Graduation Honors not stated above is to be addressed by the Academic Standards and Credits Committee.
No, Students cannot choose which courses that are accepted.  Transfer credits are determined by the Transfer Coordinator for General Education requirements and the academic department for major requirements.

 65 credits can be accepted from a community college and 94 credits from a university.  If students have attended both a community college and a university, the total number of credits that will be accepted is 94 credits. Grades   must be “C” or higher for transfer credit to be given.

  • School Code for ACT is 3095
  • School Codes for College Board/SAT is 5629
  • School Codes for FAFSA is 002926

 How do I withdraw from the University?

A student who wishes or is asked to leave the University at any time during the semester shall complete and file official withdrawal forms. These forms may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar located in the Marion D. Thorpe Administration Building, first floor.

Students who withdraw from the University prior to the published deadline to withdraw from the University shall receive a "WD" in all classes they’re still enrolled in.  Failure to execute and file these forms in a timely manner will result in a student incurring the penalty of receiving an "F" for each course in which he or she was enrolled during the semester in question.

I got dropped from my classes for nonpayment, what do I do?

Students must see Student Accounts or Financial Aid to receive approval to add classes back. Student Accounts will notify the Office of the Registrar through E4U regarding the student’s eligibility to pay.  The Office of the Registrar will remove the hold and the student can re-register for courses.