Waitlist Information



  • For a filled/closed course offering, Banner Waitlist is a tool that will let students get in line to be considered for registration if a spot were to open in the course.

 Waitlist Guidelines:

  • All course offerings will have a Waitlist.
  • A course’s Waitlist becomes available for registration, when a course is full.
  • Waitlist availability can be viewed by viewing ECSU’s master schedule.

Waitlist on master schedule

  • Students register for or drop the Waitlist using the same Banner process used to register for a course.
    • The only difference is the registration action will say Wait Listed.
  • Waitlist will notify students via their preferred email when a spot has opened up in a course offering and it is now their turn to register for the class.
    • If a student is waitlisted, they are encouraged to check their preferred email often.
  • Students will be given 24 hours to register if they are notified that a spot has opened in a course and it is their turn to register.
  • When notified, if a student doesn’t register within their designated time, they will have to re-register if they want to be put back on the Waitlist.
  • A semester’s Waitlist will end with the last day of the drop add period.
    • If a spot did not become available, students will be dropped from the Waitlist and be sent a notification.
  • A student must meet a course’s prerequisite in order to register on a course’s Waitlist.
  • Registration holds also prevent students from registering on to a Waitlist.
  • Waitlisted courses do not count in enrollment and students are not billed for a Waitlisted course.

           Detail schedule in self-service Banner

  • Students can view their spot in line on a course’s Waitlist through their Self-Service Banner Detail
  • Students can waitlist for multiple courses.
  • Instructors cannot do a Permit Override for a closed course in order to bypass the Waitlist for a student.
  • Students on a Waitlist are not guaranteed to get a spot in the course.
    • Students are encouraged to have alternative plans in case a registration spot in the course does not become available.
  • If a student no longer wishes to be on a course’s Waitlist, out of courtesy to other students the student is encouraged to drop their name from the Waitlist.