Withdrawal from the university


Please read the information below before submitting your Withdrawal from the University form. This process is for all students of Elizabeth City State University. You will receive final grades of “WD”. This process is required if you are dropping all courses after the specified drop/add registration period. See Academic Calendar

To begin the university withdrawal process, on-campus students need to schedule an appointment with the retention representative listed below via E4U, email, or phone:

Mrs. Rosa Adams



Online degree seeking students can begin the university withdrawal process by completing the Withdrawal from University form instructions. 

IMPORTANT items to consider:


I.  If you are receiving any type of financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss the impacts this withdrawal will have on your financial aid obligations. Telephone: 252-335-3283,
Toll Free: 800-347-ECSU (3278); E-mail: Financial_Aid@ecsu.edu

a. Federal regulation and University policy may require repayment of a portion of the funds received. Your financial aid will be prorated according to the date of withdrawal and funds credited to your student account will be adjusted. This adjustment may create an outstanding balance on your student account will requirement payment or a hold placed on your account.

 II.  To understand the impact this withdrawal will have on your Student Account, contact the
Office of Student Accounts – telephone: 252-335-3471; E-mail: Bursar@ecsu.edu

a. Based on the date of the withdrawal, you may receive a prorated refund of a portion of the tuition and fees. Please review the Withdrawal Refund Policy.

b. You are RESPONSIBLE for the complete payment of ALL charges on your student account; including tuition and fees, housing, library fines, meal plans and more. To avoid any additional charges, it is imperative that you return your post office key, library books, rental books, band equipment, sport uniforms, and laptops, etc.



If you are living in campus housing – please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
Telephone: 252-335-3090; E-mail: ECSUHousing@ecsu.edu


If you are a member of any one of the Men and Women’s Sports teams - you must inform the Athletic Director of Compliance of your withdrawal. E-mail: jjmullins@ecsu.edu


If you are receiving Veteran Benefits, you may be required to repay all or a portion of the tuition benefits you have received for the term. Contact the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs by telephone 252-335-3774;
E-mail: Veteran@ecsu.edu

To withdraw from ECSU for this current semester – complete the form below to initiate the process. Please note – if you decide to return to ECSU, you must first submit a readmit application and be admitted back- https://vikingadmissions.ecsu.edu

Please read the above information before completing the Withdrawal from the University form.

Withdrawal from the University form