Forms and Documents

Forms and Documents

Academic Affairs Handbook

Academic Forgiveness Request Form

Academic Plan

Academic Program Review Guidelines

Application for Promotion and Tenure

Meeting Dates - 2019-20

Meeting Dates - 2020-2021

Catalog Year Change Form

Change of Major Form

Change of Schedule Form

Contract Request Form

Course Substitution Form

Course Syllabus Template-Traditional

ECSU Graduate Catalog 2008-2010

ECSU Graduate Catalog 2014-2015

ECSU Graduate Catalog 2015-2016

ECSU Undergraduate Catalog 2008-2010

ECSU Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2012

ECSU Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015

ECSU Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

Faculty Credential Summary

Faculty Credentials Handbook

Faculty Dev Funds

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Transcript Form

Fall Faculty Staff Conference

Grade Change Form

Grade Unreported Form

Grade Withdrawal Form

Graduate Change of Schedule Form

Graduate Graduation Application

Graduate School Declaration

Graduate Student Grade Withdrawal Form

Graduate Student Incomplete Grade Form

Graduate Student Permit For Excess Hours Form

Graduate Student Unreported Grade Form

Incomplete Grade Form

Independent Study Form

Minimum Course Enrollment Waiver Form

Permit for Excess Hours

Permit for Transient Study Form

Phased Retirement Application

Post Tenure Review Timeline-2019-20

Post-Tenure Review Form

Presentation Template for Academic Support Units

Presentation Template for Department

Promotion & Tenure Timeline - 2019-20

Request for Absence

Retreat Assessment Chart

Reverse Transfer Policy

SACSCOC Federal Standard 4.1

School Presentation Template

Student Academic Inquiry

Student Grade Withdrawal Form

Title III Faculty Development Travel Request Form

Undergraduate Graduation Application