Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

About Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a borrowing service for ECSU students, faculty, and staff that supports scholarly research. Through this service you can request books, articles, and other materials that are not available at the ECSU Libraries.

ILL Request Form

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQ:

Who is eligible for ILL?

ILL service is available to ECSU’s currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. Library accounts must be in good standing.

Is there a fee?

In most cases, no. The library subsidizes up to $50.00 of the cost of obtaining each item. If the cost will exceed $50.00, we will notify you in advance of any charges. You will however be assessed a fee for overdue ILL items.

How will I be notified when my materials arrive?

When an item is available, ILL will notify you through your ECSU e-mail account.

Where do I pick-up my materials?
Most articles and book chapters are delivered to you electronically. Other Interlibrary Loan materials can be picked up and returned to G. R. Little Library Circulation Desk.

Length and Condition of Loans
The lending library specifies the length of the loan (usually 2 to 4 weeks), the conditions under which the material may be used (library use only, no copying, handle with care, etc.), and the possibility of renewals. Some libraries do not grant renewals, so prompt pick-up and use of materials is important.

All borrowed material is subject to “recall” when a member of the lending institution needs it. If an item is recalled it is your responsibility to return it immediately.  Patrons are responsible for using ILL materials carefully, and returning them to the ECSU Library promptly and in good condition.
Failure to adhere to ILL rules may result in loss of borrowing privileges for the borrower.

How long will it take for materials to arrive?

This varies considerably. Most book requests are filled in one to two weeks. Materials are generally requested from libraries that are close in proximity to facilitate quick arrivals. Many articles only take one to three days, depending on availability, some items will take longer. All ILL requests are filled by lending libraries in the order in which they are received. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that material will be received within a specified time period. Please consider this by conducting your research accordingly and by submitting requests well in advance of deadlines.

How do I submit requests?

Interlibrary Loan Request forms are submitted online using the ILL Request Form. However walk-in requests are also welcomed. Please submit one form for each item requested.

To avoid delays, please provide complete citation information for requested materials. Requests with incomplete information will be returned for completion, and will delay processing.

Contact Information:
Ms. Cynthia Horne
Phone: 252-335-8513
Fax: 252-335-3446
Location: Library Circulation Desk

Mailing Address:
Interlibrary Loan
Elizabeth City State University Library
1704 Weeksville Road
Elizabeth City, NC 27909