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The Music program provides students with opportunities that lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with concentrations in: Music Education Licensure, Composition, Performance, Music Business, Sound Recording.  For students interested in music within a liberal arts context, the B.A. Music is an option. The Music program works to equip each student with the essential tools to become proficient in their area of concentration and to participate in a number of activities for cultural enrichment within Northeastern North Carolina.


The goals of the program support the mission and goals of the institution:

    1. To prepare students for professional careers in music and for graduate study.
    2. To support the University's community outreach initiatives by providing performance opportunities and other enriched musical experiences, on-and-off campus.
    3. To support the University’s Liberal Arts curriculum by offering music courses to enhance musicianship.
    4. To increase each student's comprehensive knowledge and abilities by building a stronger foundation in music theory, aural skills, music history, applied and ensemble skills, music technology and awareness of diverse cultures.

Plan of Study

Bachleor of Arts in Music (General Music)




Music Education (Licensure)

Music Production



Music Majors

All students seeking to major or minor in music must first gain admission to ECSU by applying through the Office of Admissions. Following admission to the University, prospective music majors must complete and pass an audition and take the Music Theory Placement Exam (MTPE). The audition is used as a diagnostic tool by the Music Department faculty to determine the skill level of prospective students. Students who are not at the collegiate performance level may be accepted provisionally. Students are given two semesters to successfully complete an audition at the college level. Students with deficiencies in theory are placed in a rudimentary theory course. Upon passing the MTPE, students advance to the first college-level theory course. Students admitted provisionally to the Department have one year to be classified at Performance Level 1. Students who do not progress to Performance Level 1 will not be accepted into the program. Music students must earn a 2.0 G.P.A in music classes by the end of the sophomore year to stay in the music program. Music students admitted into the Teacher Education Program must maintain the required G.P.A. designated by this program. 

Non-music majors
Non-music Majors are permitted to register for applied music on a space-available basis. Priority for enrollment is given to students in ensembles and/or with previous experience. No additional charges for applied instruction are required. Students enrolled are required to purchase music needed in their instruction.

All students regardless of degree programs may take classes authorized by the music department. All ensemble classes are available to non-music majors. However, students must audition for acceptance into an ensemble. Ensembles include: ECSU University Choir, ECSU Marching Band, ECSU Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Collegians Jazz Ensemble, Choral Ensemble, ECSU Albemarle Community Orchestra, University Basketball Band, and Percussion Ensemble.

Non-music students, with guidance from their advisor, may take the following courses:

  • MUS 110Piano Class for Beginners
  • MUS 116Beginning in Fall 2006 Itroduction to Music Industry Studies
  • MUS 118Music Theory Rudiments
  • MUS 307 A Study of Nonwestern Music
  • MUS 407 The African-American in Music

All prospective students must audition before being accepted into a program of study. Auditions occur before a panel of faculty. Each student must perform works from the standard repertoire for their voice/instrument and demonstrate a level of proficiency in music reading. Students who successfully pass their auditions are enrolled in applied lessons. Individual instruction is available in piano, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings. Audition procedures are the same for those students who wish to minor in music.

Please call the department of music to schedule a specific time, and confirm the location.

Students interested in the marching band, symphonic winds, jazz ensemble, orchestra, choir, or piano are encouraged to audition. If you are interested in auditioning be prepared to perform scales, sight singing or reading, and two contrasting song selections.

For more information, contact Valerie Price at (252) 335-3359, or email her

  • Assisted Living
  • Attorney
  • Colleges/University faculty
  • Hospitals
  • K-12 schools
  • Live Sound/Touring Companies
  • Music Production/Music Label Companies/PRO
    (Universal, ASCAP, BMI, etc.)
  • Musical Theater Companies
  • Opera Companies
  • Recitalist (Solo Music)
  • Recording Artist
  • Sound for Picture/Film/Video Games (Sony, Disney, etc.)
  • US Military Bands
  • Orchestras (Symphonies, Opera Houses, Ballet Companies)
  • Arts Management (IMG, CAMI, Opus 3, etc.)
  • Arts Administration (Institutions, Orchestras, etc.)
  • Entertainment Groups (e.g. RWS Lincoln Center Stage, etc.)

University Choir

"Sound of Class" Marching Band

Viking Pep Band

Concert Band

Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Collegians Jazz Ensemble

Albemarle Symphony Orchestra

Recording Studio

Music Computer Lab

Piano Lab

1,000 seat Auditorium


Marching Band Instruments

University Marching and Concert Band

Marching Band Auxilary, University Marching and Concert Band

MUS 300-01
MUS 300-02
University Choir

MUSA 325
Applied Voice

Additional Fees not Included in Tuition

$190 (dress down uniform)

$320 (hair, makeup, dress down uniform)

Alterations for Concert Attire ($75)

Travel Uniforms ($75)

 National Association for Teachers of Singing (NATS)  Student Application Entry Fee ($25)

Yap Tracker Subscription fee $50.00/ yearly subscription

Customize Scores for students (Fees range per academic year - $100-$150


Proctoring Fees


 No No No No

 Internship Required? Yes or No, if so what semester and are there any fees associated


 No  No  No  No

Laboratory fees associated with the course(s)? Yes or No


 No No No No

Are Online Subscription's required for course(s)? Yes or No


 No No No  No, No,
Yap Tracker; Yes
Membership fees associated with academic program? Yes or No  No No No No, No, National Association for Teachers of Singing (NATS)  Student; Yes

The Music program is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). In accordance with the mission of Elizabeth City State University (ECSU), the music program strives not only to create an aesthetic and practical environment that is conducive to learning, but also one committed to the delivery of a quality education to its diverse student body.




Department Chair

Jeffrey Whelan

Associate Professor , Music and Visual Arts

115  Fine Arts Building

Campus Box 817

Phone: (252)335-2315

Fax: (252)335-3482