Blackboard Ultra - Faculty Ambassadors


The Office of Distance Education works in conjunction with Blackboard Ultra Faculty Ambassadors around the campus. Blackboard Ultra Faculty Ambassadors communicate information to departments and college peers, respond to basic questions about using Blackboard Ultra, and provide feedback to the Office of Distance Education about any concerns or functionality requests.

What makes a good Ultra Ambassador?

  • User-friendly - You are collegial and share best practices, resources & information with peers.
  • Learned - You seek opportunities to acquire new knowledge & skills.
  • Transformative - You perceive change as an opportunity.
  • Responsive - You pass constructive feedback back to the Office of Distance Education.
  • Accomplished - You stand out as an expert in using Blackboard for teaching.

Feel free to contact the Blackboard Ultra Faculty Ambassadors in your area for assistance:


School of Business and Education 
Dr. Kungpo Tao 
Email Address:
Telephone #:    252.335.3597

School of Science, Aviation, Health, and Technology
Dr. Kevin Kupietz
Email Address:
Telephone #:    252.335.8765