Professional Licensure and Disclosure Information



Professional Licensure Notification:

If you live outside North Carolina and are considering enrolling in an online or a face-to-face program that leads to a professional licensure or certification, we highly recommended that you contact the appropriate state licensing agency in your state or the state where you intend to work to seek the most up-to-date information about state licensure requirements before beginning the program. Elizabeth City State University makes every effort to ensure information about educational requirements for licensure is current; however, licensure regulations are frequently revised. Separate from educational requirements, state licensure boards may require applicants to complete professional examinations, background checks, years of professional experience, jurisprudence exams, etc.
For licensing board contact information, educational requirements for licensure and program approval status, please see below.

International Enrollments

A country may or may not regulate distance education provided to students in its jurisdiction and may or may not require foreign higher education institutions to comply with distance education regulations. At this time, Elizabeth City State University cannot guarantee that one of our academic programs and/or professional licensures or certification program meets curriculum requirements or professional licensure requirements in your country.

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Degree Programs

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Masters of Elementary Education Masters of School Administration Pyschology Social Work  Unmanned Aircraft Systems