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Blackboard Student App


About the Blackboard Student App

You can access your ECSU courses from your phone with Blackboard’s new app, Bb Student. You can view course content, get your grades, complete work, and participate in class all from your mobile device.   

Bb Student enables you to stay current in class no matter where you are:

  •  Stay on task with push notifications and a prioritized list of upcoming activities and due dates. 
  • View tests, assignments, and course grades as soon as I post them. 
  • Participate in discussions and take tests and submit assignments. 
  • Attach assignment files using Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Assignments should be typed in a Word Processing software and saved to a storage drive prior to attempting to attach them via the app. It is still recommended that assignments be completed on a computer and submitted in Blackboard through a web browser.

Ready to download Bb Student?

  1. Access the Apple, Google, or Microsoft app store and search for Bb Student.
  2. Install the Bb Student app on your mobile device.  
  3. Open Bb Student and search for the full name of your school.  
  4. Sign in with your existing Blackboard username and password.

For more information visit the following links:

NOTE: Blackboard Dashboard Notifications received daily through email and use of the Blackboard Student App DO NOT replace logging into the Blackboard Learning Management System on a computer via a web browser. The Student App does not offer all the features and functionality of the Learning Management System at this time, therefore it is highly recommended that all students log into Blackboard daily on a computer via a web browser.