Post-Award Non-Financial administration


The Post Award-Non Financial office is responsible for assisting with pre-submission budgets as needed as well as post award program implementation and close out issues. The Post-Award Non-Financial office offers the following services in support of ECSU faculty and staff who have received support for research for federal, state, or private agencies and organizations:

  • Reviews grants and contracts and prepares them for signature of the authorized official at the university
  • Informs Principal Investigators and the office of Business and Finance of the terms and conditions of awards
  • Coordinates Post-Award implementation meeting
  • Reviews correspondence from awarding agencies and disseminates information accordingly
  • Generates subcontracts and contract for personal and professional services
  • Assists Sponsored Programs Director and Title III Coordinator with administrative duties
  • Reviews all Title III expenditure requests for program compliance
  • Liaison for grant awardees and Post-Award Accounting in Business and Finance
  • Monitors close out reporting
  • Reports proposal submission and award data to ECSU Administrators and UNC-General Administration
  • Provides sponsored project activity reports for internal and external inquiries