Mobile STEM Lab Initiative – Lab on Wheels


Using Roadshow-In-A-Box concept developed by the National Center for Women and Information Technology. This program defines the value of having an outreach program to motivate and recruit students and carries the message of opportunities in specific industries. Using this model as a guide, we have identified six development components that will be used in implementing the proposed aerospace-themed mobile STEM lab program: (i) Controlled Message, (ii) Support, (iii) Ongoing School Partnership, (iv) Trained Student Presenters, (v) Program Activities, (vi) Evaluation and Tracking.

A traveling demonstration (Roadshow-In-A-Box) will complement the outreach program activities that will include a more in-depth program that will bring students from the participating county area to the ECSU campus and its satellite academies for a one-week camp focusing on NASA curriculum and hands-on learning modules, as well as guest speakers and field trips in related subject matter.

The Roadshow-In-A-Box program is designed to reach out to students from all grade levels to generate interest in staying in school, pursuing STEM degrees and careers.

The schedule includes visits to a total of three schools/districts each month during the school year for a total of 27 visits each year. The schedule will include, a notional 4-6 one-hour sessions/school/day (varies depending on school hours and number of students available to attend).


NASA Mobile STEM Lab Scheduling

Note: Request MUST be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance.