Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions




1.   What does SSS do for students?

The SSS program provide undergraduate students with one-on-one tutoring, career exploration, financial literacy, and academic coaching in one-on-one and group workshop format. We assist program participants with academic advisement for college course requirements, academic and cultural services designed to motivate participants towards successful completion of post-secondary education, and aims to increase the rate of SSS participant’s enrollment in graduate and professional school.

2.   When is tutoring available and in what subjects?

We strive to accommodate participant needs in all academic areas during a broad range of hours. Please contact our office for details.  (252) 335-3357 

3.   How do I sign up for tutoring?

A tutorial request form must be completed.  Please contact our office for details.  (252) 335-3357

4.   Am I eligible for SSS?

Selection for the Elizabeth City State University Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is partially based on students meeting a minimum of two of the following federal requirements:

  • To qualify for SSS, a student must be a U.S. citizen or a national.  Students must also be a first generation college student (which means that the parent/guardian has not earned a four-year college degree at the time of the student’s enrollment into college);
  •  Students whose family income fall within federal guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Education and verified by SSSP;
  •  College students with documented disabilities;
  •  All participants must have an academic need.

 5.   How do I apply for the program?

Interested students should contact the coordinator/counselor to schedule an appointment and complete an application at the TRIO Student Support Service Program’s office on the campus of Elizabeth City State University. If there are available participant slots, eligible students will be contacted to notify them of their eligibility and acceptance.

6.   Is grant aid available through SSS?

Yes. However not all participants are eligible to receive grant aid. If you meet certain program criteria, small amounts of grant aid can be awarded to program participants during the fall and spring semesters.

7.   Where is SSS located?

SSS Campus location and staff:

Ridley University Center Suite 114

Quay Dozier:                 Director of Trio Programs                                                                                       (252) 335-3368

Tara Bennett:               Coordinator/Counselor                                                                                            (52) 335-3357

Jewel Overton:            Administrative Support Associate                                                                    (252) 335-3510  

Carrie Jones:                Program Assistant/ Coordinator Tutorial Services, Suite 113         (252) 335-3356