Academic Support Services
  • Leigh Winslow

    Leigh Winslow

    "I chose ECSU because of the Interdisciplinary Studies distance learning program." - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2023

  • Jayla Council

    Jayla Council

    “I chose ECSU because when I visited the campus in 2017 it was very family-oriented. People welcomed me with open arms and the energy was very positive.” - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2023

  • Brandon Freeland

    Brandon Freeland

    "I chose ECSU because of its rich history and the ease of transition from my two-year degree program. #VikingPride" - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2023

  • Ashley Payne

    Ashley Payne

    "I plan on graduating with a Major in Biology in May 2024 and pursuing Dental School. I chose ECSU because I love how small our campus is and how close it is to home!" - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2024

  • Tramar Pettaway

    Tramar Pettaway

    "I chose ECSU because it was an HBCU." - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2022

  • Tiffany McCauley

    Tiffany McCauley

    "I chose ESCU because I heard it was a good quality school and it offered the degree I needed to go on to get my masters. And because it is 100% online during covid." - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2024

  • Matthew Matos

    Matthew Matos

    "After researching different universities, I found that ECSU offered the best value based on academic program options, cost of tuition, graduation rates etc. I talked to ECSU alumni who spoke highly of the college as well." - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2023

  • Tylamina Brown

    Tylamina Brown

    "I chose ECSU because it’s an historically black college and I was very interested in Homeland Security. Also I have a nephew who attended ECSU and he spoke so highly of the university that I had to see for myself!" - Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2021

  • Cynthia Loyd

    Cynthia Loyd

    "I chose ECSU because my grandmother attended this HBCU. When I found that out, I had to walk the halls of ECSU, to honor my grandmother."

  • Shawanda Ruffin-Witherspoon

    Shawanda Ruffin-Witherspoon

    "I chose ESCU because it has the most affordable tuition in the state of North Carolina. ESCU provides a high-quality education to all who enroll in the institution and gives me a sense of community and belonging." Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2024

  • Luz Vazquez Rivera

    Luz Vazquez Rivera

    "I chose ECSU because they had my major in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Robotics. They were also helpful in sending me information about scholarships I could apply for as a transfer adult student." Anticipated year of graduation: May 2025

  • Rubenia Felton

    Rubenia Felton

    "I have been out of school since 1983, and being at ECSU is a dream come true. I have a long list of family, friends, and loved ones who are lifetime Vikings, and I wanted to be a part of this legacy." Anticipated year of graduation 2026

  • Stacey D. Pierce

    Stacey D. Pierce

    "I hope to graduate from ECSU in 2026 with a lot of hard work and determination. I chose ECSU because it has always been a goal of mine to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration ever since I obtained my Associate's Degree in 1999, the year before my son was born. I put this plan on hold after becoming a single mom, but my son, who is a recent graduate of ECSU (Class of 2022) has truly inspired me with the growth I have seen in him while attending this University."

  • QuaNisha Clemons

    QuaNisha Clemons

    Why I choose ECSU: "I choose ECSU for its affordability and I wanted to leave my hometown and explore a different part of the US. I always wanted the HBCU experience as well." Anticipated year of graduation 2025

  • Korina McElroy

    Korina McElroy

    Why I chose ECSU: "I had attended an HBCU before and had to take a break from school due to life's circumstances, but I always promised myself that I'd return and graduate from one. Once I finished at my local Community College, I began to search for an HBCU that I could attend online to accommodate my work schedule. I found ECSU and it has been everything I needed and more! I'm thankful I can attend online and still fulfill my dream to graduate from an HBCU." Anticipated Graduation: 2024

  • Brandy Kushto

    Brandy Kushto

    "I chose ECSU for its small class sizes and the Kinesiology program. I stay at ECSU because my professors and classmates inspire me." - Anticipated year of graduation: Spring 2024

  • Shatierra B. Powell

    Shatierra B. Powell

    "I chose ECSU because ECSU is home." Anticipated year of graduation: May 2024

Transfer advising/Services


2022 National Transfer Week Events

Theme: Plug Into Transfer

Please join us for presentations on various resources we offer on campus and get answers to your frequently-asked questions.






Wed., October 19 Internships & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ms. Felecia Brown

Ms. Amber Lennon-Harmon
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 102 Moore Hall
Thurs., October 20 SGA & Retention

Ms. Rosa Brown

SGA Student Representative
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm 102 Moore Hall
Fri., October 21 Scholarships & Counseling Services

Dr. Latonia Johnson

Ms. Mildred Namolo
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 102 Moore Hall

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 961 5688 4514
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  The goal of the Transfer Advising office is to insure transfer students are supported through transitional services such as  of academic advising, seminars, information exchange, and academic engagement opportunities.

 Who is my advisor?

Upon entering the University, you will be advised by a department advisor. Before being contacted by an advisor, the student will be contacted by the Transfer Advising Office to discuss degree plans and go over their General Education requirements. You may also contact the chair of your department for advising questions/concerns; however, by the fourth week of classes, you will be able to see who your advisor is in Banner.

Directions on how to find out who your advisor is in Banner.

  1. Log on to Self Service Banner
  2. Select "Student and Financial Aid"
  3. Select "View Student Information"
  4. Select the term
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. View "Primary Advisor" name


What courses transferred to ECSU:

  1. Select “Banner” from the ECSU webpage
  2. Select “Self Service Banner (SSB) Login”
  3. Select “Enter Secure Area”
  4. Enter your VikingOne credentials
  5. Select “Student”
  6. Select “Student Records”
  7. Select “Academic Transcript”
  8. Select “Submit”
  9. View your transfer credits


Where can I find my plan of study?

This information can be found on the ECSU Academic Affairs website.

  1. Select “Academics”
  2. Select “Departments”
  3. Select the link to your major within this site you will find your curriculum details.


Will a particular course substitute for another?

The Admissions Office will articulate all courses acceptable for general education credit. All upper-level transfer courses will be sent to the major department for evaluation as to what, if any, comparable course the course can be substituted for. Before any course substitutions take place, course descriptions are reviewed from the previous institution and compared to ECSU’s offering.  After which, a decision will be made by the Department Chairperson of the course in which is being reviewedand/or Academic Affairs.


How many credits do I need to graduate?

All majors require 120 defined credits to graduate from ECSU. A plan of study will be completed with your advisor to determine the remaining credits needed to graduate and when you can graduate, provided that the courses are offered during the semester anticipated.


Can I take all my courses online?

If your program of study is an online program then, yes. If the major is not then most of your courses will be face-to-face.


I work, do you have evening courses?

Some programs offer evening courses. You will need to speak to an advisor regarding this.


What majors offer courses online?

Interdisciplinary Studies and Homeland Security


Will courses taken 10 years ago be accepted?

According to policy, the University will only accept courses taken within six years before transferring into the University.


Do I have to submit all previous transcripts even if the courses are irrelevant to the degree I am seeking?

All transcripts are required to be submitted to the Admissions Office before acceptance.


How many courses can be accepted from my previous school(s)?

Students can transfer up to 65 credits from a two-year institution and up to 90 credits from a four-year institution. A minimum of 30 upper-level semester hours in your major must be earned through regular enrollment at ECSU


I have an associate degree can I immediately take courses in my major?

Your transfer credits will be evaluated by your major department and the department will make a decision as to what pre-requisite courses may be needed before enrolling in major courses.


Will all my courses transfer?

No. If the course(s) are not necessary for the degree than they will not transfer in.

Transfer GE Equivalencies


Do I have to attend orientation?

All students should participate in orientation except for students who plan to enroll in an online degree program, teacher licensure only program, certificate programs, or students transferring from a 2+2 Community College Completion Degree program.

ECSU has 3 schools, 9 departments and 27 undergraduate programs to choose from.

Undergraduate Programs

ECSU offers two online degree completion programs in Business Administration and Criminal Justice. To pursue enrollment in one of these programs, you must meet their initial enrollment requirements. A department advisor will discuss these requirements.

ECSU offers two online degree programs in Homeland Security and Interdisciplinary Studies. Although these two social science programs are offered online, students still receive the same rigor and quality as all other programs here at ECSU.

Distance Education

 If students attended a North Carolina Community College, courses are articulated using the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement course listing. ECSU will transfer a maximum of 65 credits from any 2-year institution.

If students attended a four-year institution or an out-state community college, the course description of the course are reviewed by the Admissions Office or the department for their equivalency. ECSU will transfer in up to 90 credits from a 4-year institution.

Comprehensive Articulation Agreement Transfer Course List (North Carolina)


Elizabeth City State University requires that all students complete 35 credits in general education requirements. North Carolina Community College transfer students who have earned an AA or AS degree meeting the requirements of the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) will be waived from UNIV 110 Freshman Seminar I and UNIV 120 Freshman Seminar II; however, all students must have 120 credit hours to graduate. Therefore the two credits must be earned through free electives. All other General Education requirements will be determined as met provided that the transfer student has completed the AS or AA that aligns with Elizabeth City State University North Carolina Community College Degree Plans.

Students holding an AS and/or AA degree may be held to other General Education requirements. All other transfer students will be held to the General Education requirements in its entirety, with the exception of Freshman Seminar provided they completed at least 12 transferable credits.

Some general education requirements consist of courses that have been prescribed by the major department. A waiver will not be given for those courses not met in the specified area. Those general education courses that have been mandated by the department and therefore must be taken in order to meet the graduation requirements related to the major.


Program Coordinator

Reshema Combs
Coordinator for Transfer Advising/ Advisor
138 HL Trigg
Campus Box 956
Phone: (252) 335-3463
Fax: (252) 335-3601