Strategies for Successful Students

There are many excellent tips for successful students, but the ten tips listed below are key for academic success! 

  1. Attending class regularly is essential! There is no substitute for classroom instruction.  
  2. Always be prepared for class. Complete all homework assignments before coming to class, and bring all necessary materials with you.  
  3. Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you have a question, it is likely that your other classmates do too.  
  4. Practice time management! Some students choose to purchase a planner or agenda to help them keep track of important deadlines. You could also use the "Calendar" feature of your smart phone or tablet.  
  5. Always save your draft in multiple places. It's great to save your work to a computer or quick drive, but you can also e-mail the draft to yourself or save it online using a program like Google Drive.  
  6. Understand the importance of the syllabus, and refer back to it throughout the semester. The syllabus is a legally binding document between yourself and the instructor. Make sure you're aware of specific course policies and expectations.  
  7. Don't let your social life take priority over your academic life. Social activities are important and can add great enrichment to your college experience. However, remember that ultimately you are here to earn a degree. Missing a party will not have the same consequences as missing an essay deadline.  
  8. Get to know your professor. Maintaining good communication with your instructor is critical. Don't feel intimidated, and feel free to hang back after class or stop by during your professor's office hours if you have questions.  
  9. Get to know the resources available to you through G.R. Little Library. You can check out excellent print sources through G.R. Little Library, but did you also know that you can access electronic databases that contain thousands of scholarly articles for all disciplines? If the library does not have a book you need, you can request that text through the Interlibrary Loan program.  
  10. Know that embracing help from peer tutoring is about improving your skills and making you a successful student. Attending peer tutoring sessions does not mean that you are an inferior student. On the contrary, it shows that you are dedicated to your academic success and what your work to be the best it can possibly be.