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Undergraduate Research Week

Undergraduate Research Week (March 27-31, 2023) is an opportunity for the campus community to share and celebrate student research and creative scholarship. This year's week-long event will include presentations, a digital poster display, workshops, guest speakers, and other events. Our theme is Unleash Your Imagination.

Posters will be presented digitally. Events will be held in-person and virtually, depending on organizer and participant preferences.


Students, faculty mentors, and programs/departments/units are encouraged to submit proposals/abstracts by Wednesday, March 8, 2023 to the form linked below for:

  • digital posters
  • individual student-authored research papers/presentations
  • panels of students, faculty mentors, staff, and others focused on student-centered/involved research, practices, and/or resources
  • workshops
  • exhibits and presentations of creative work
  • other events (films, guest speakers, performances, etc)


Monday: Social Sciences & Education

Tuesday: STEM

Wednesday: Business, Economics, Kinesiology, and Public Health

Thursday: Fine Arts & Humanities

Friday: University Day / poster session

Abstracts/proposals/descriptions should be no more than 250 words.

We are looking to organized special themed sessions on:

  • teams of students and faculty to discuss best practices for collaboration
  • students who have engaged in some aspect of research or creative work in a global/international context

Please reach out if you are interested in participating in one of those.

If you have questions or ideas that you wish to discuss in advance of submission, please reach out to your department or school UR committee member or the director.

Abstract/Proposal Submission Form


For more information contact:
Dr. Charles V. Reed
Director of Undergraduate Research
Associate Professor of History
Department of Social Sciences
333 Willie and Jacqueline Gilchrist Education and Psychology Complex
Campus Box 851
Phone: (252) 335-3201 
E-mail: cvreed@ecsu.edu 

ECSU is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). CUR shares a focus on providing undergraduate research opportunities for faculty and students at all institutions serving undergraduate students. CUR believes that faculty members enhance their teaching and contribution to society by remaining active in research and by involving undergraduates in research. CUR’s leadership works with agencies and foundations to enhance research opportunities for faculty and students. CUR provides support for faculty development.

Undergraduate research is defined as:  “An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline”.    http://www.cur.org