Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates? 

Breakfast $4.24
Lunch $5.60
Dinner $7.12
Brunch $8.53

What is a meal plan? 

A meal plan is a program that enables students to eat a select number of meals at the Dining Halls during a semester. All residential students must purchase one of the four available meal plans. Our meal plans have been designed to accommodate the various needs of our students. With our meal plans, you have the option of eating up to 19 meals on campus each week.

When you purchase a meal plan, your student identification card becomes your pass to eat in the Dining Hall. You begin each week with either 19, 15 or 10 meals. Each time you eat a meal it is subtracted from your weekly total. Uneaten meals do not carryover as your meal plan is reset each week. Select a meal plan that works for your academic schedule, eating pattern and social life. 

What is a Commuter Meal Plan? 

Designed exclusively for commuter students, faculty and staff, the Commuter Meal Plan is great for the occasional diner. The meal plan offers a convenient, hassle free way to always enjoy a delicious meal or grab a quick bite, without ever searching for a quarter. Purchase a commuter meal plan at the Office of Student Financial Services through your student account. You may pay with MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Money Order or Financial Aid Credit

Commuter Meal Plan Options

  • 100 Meal Plan – 100 meals/semester plus $75 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 75 Meal Plan – 75 meals/semester plus $75 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 50 Meal Plan – 50 meals/semester plus $75 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 25 Meal Plan – 25 meals/semester plus $75 Viking Bucks/semester 
    • Commuter meal plans have no meal zone restrictions.                                     
    • Patrons may swipe multiple times within a meal zone.                   
    • Commuter meal plan participants have up to the number of meals on the plan they select for the semester.   

What Meal Plans are available? 

  • The Ultimate, 19 Meals per week: This plan is designed for students who want a meal plan with the greatest value. With this plan, you can enjoy all 19 meals offered in the dining hall each week as well as in the retail location (Austin Grill & Viking Subs) through the meal equivalency option.
  • The Fabulous Fifteen, 15 meals per week: This plan is designed for students with moderate appetites who wants a meal plan that will allow them to eat an average of two meals a day. With this plan, you can enjoy up to 15 meals offered each week in the dining hall as well as in the retail location (Austin Grill & Viking Subs) through the meal equivalency option.
  • 10 Square Meals, 10 meals per week: The 10 meals per week allow our students a chance to relax and stay on campus in between classes. This plan is designed for students on the go. You can enjoy up to 10 meals offered each week in the dining hall as well as in the retail location (Austin Grill & Viking Subs) through the meal equivalency option.
  • 160 Block Meal Plan, 160 meals per semester: This plan allows  patrons to swipe multiple times within each meal zone. With this plan, participants have 160 meals for the entire semester. Enjoy your meals in the dining hall as well as in the retail location (Austin Grill & Viking Subs) through the meal equivalency option.
  • 120 Block Meal Plan, 120 meals per semester: This plan similarly is a semester block plan; meaning you will have a fixed number of meals to use thought your semester. These 120 meals provided can be enjoyed in the dining hall as well as in the retail location (Austin Grill & Viking Subs) through the meal equivalency option.
Please Note: All students living in a residence hall on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.

What facilities accept the Meal Plans? 

The Meal Plans and Commuter Meal Plans are accepted in the Dining Hall  as well as in the retail location (Austin Grill & Viking Subs) . In these facilities, you can enjoy a wide variety of popular all-you-can-eat menu options in a comfortable atmosphere. The Dining Hall offers something for everyone! Whether you are interested in traditional cuisine similar to what your mother prepares at home or something else, the hall is sure to have what you desire. Meal Plans are also accepted at our retail location. 

  • The Origins Stationoffers you an array of ethnic foods from around the world. From the far reaches of the Pacific Rim to regional America, a flavorful integration of spices, herbs and seasonings demonstrates an epicurean exchange between cultures. 
  • Menutainment is the centerpiece for our culinary showmanship. Each day features a different performance for lunch and dinner, which can include pasta, sauté, stir fry, made to order wraps, smoothies and much more. 
  • Wheat Streets offers a wide variety of made to order sandwiches and subs daily. Each day, we also feature one specialty sandwich made with unique breads and spreads. 
  • Trattoria is an Italian restaurant that has been scaled to fit every appetite; from hand tossed pizza one day to main course pastas another, this station is always a student favorite. 
  • The Fresh Grille offers the perfect blend of traditional grill favorites and contemporary new foods. It's more than just your traditional burgers and fries station. 
  • The Garden Emporium is an exciting market of the freshest salad offerings and home-style soups. 
  • Double Treat Bakery is the perfect end to a delicious meal. Here you will find a wide variety of homemade desserts, pies and cakes. 
  • Morning Editions is a combination of morning treats including fresh toasted bagels and other tasty breads, cold cereals, wholesome milk, and a self-serve waffle station. 
  • The Center of Refreshment offers a wide variety of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

Do meals carry over to the next week? Meals do not carry over from one week to the next week. Thus, it is extremely important that you select your meal plan based on your eating habits and schedule.

Can I treat a guest?  

No.  Meal plans are only intended to be used by the individual student who purchased the plan.

Can I change my meal plan?  

Yes! You can change your option during the first two weeks of the semester. After the first two weeks of the semester, you can upgrade only.