Meal Plan Terms and Conditions

MEAL PLAN Terms and Conditions


Dining Services strives to provide students with the most economical and flexible meal program possible. You can use the meal portion of your meal plan from the first day the residence halls open until the last day residence halls close. Viking Bucks funds are valid for use each semester after the drop/add period has ended. The following information provides you with an idea of how you can get the most out of your meal plan and make your meal plan work for you.


  1. Term of the Agreement

 This Contract is a two-term commitment for Dining Services for both Fall and Spring Terms. Meals are also available for students to purchase during the summer sessions.


  1. Payment

The Student agrees to pay the prevailing Meal Plan rates established by the Elizabeth City State University for the type of Meal Plan selected. All amounts due and payable to the University in connection with this contract will be billed to the Student’s account. Student agrees to pay all fees and other charges (including, but not limited to additional Viking bucks added to the Student’s Meal Plan) when due according to the dates set by the University.


  1. Terms
  • All meals and Viking bucks are per semester. Viking Bucks are not issued during Summer Sessions.
  • Meals and Viking bucks are redeemable for the entire semester; if they are not used by the end of the semester, the remaining balance is forfeited.
  • Meal plans are not transferable. Anyone contracting for a Meal Plan will be held liable for the illegal use of the Meal Plan and may result in the forfeiting of the Meal Plan without refund.
  • Students who have purchased a meal plan must present their student Viking ID Card to the cashier in our dining locations to access use of their meal plan or Viking bucks. The Viking ID Card is valid as long as you are enrolled at ECSU and carries a $20 replacement fee for lost cards or $10.00 fee for damaged/worn cards.

  1. Residential Meal Plan Options
  • 19 Meal Plan – 19 meal/week plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 15 Meal Plan – 15 meal/week plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 10 Meal Plan – 10 meal/week plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester

  • 160 Block Plan – 160 meals/semester plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester (NEW)
  • 120 Block Plan – 120 meals/semester plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester (NEW)
    • Block meal plans have no meal zone restrictions.                                          
    • Patrons may swipe multiple times within a meal zone.                   
    • Block meal plan participants have up to the number of meals on the plan they select for the semester.   


  1. Commuter Meal Plan Options

Any non-residential student wishing to purchase a commuter meal plan must complete an electronic voucher request online CLICK HERE FOR FORMS. Student Accounts will review the request to verify that funds are available to cover the additional cost. Once the request has been approved by Student Accounts, approvals will only be sent to students with a valid campus email account. The process takes 24-48 hours to complete.

  • 100 Meal Plan – 100 meals/semester plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 75 Meal Plan – 75 meals/semester plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 50 Meal Plan – 50 meals/semester plus $150 Viking Bucks/semester
  • 25 Meal Plan – 25 meals/semester plus $100 Viking Bucks/semester 
    • Commuter meal plans have no meal zone restrictions.                                          
    • Patrons may swipe multiple times within a meal zone.                   
    • Commuter meal plan participants have up to the number of meals on the plan they select for the semester.   
  1. Conditions
  • All students residing in University Housing and Residence Life are required to purchase a meal plan.
  • Students who are not in campus housing are not required to have a meal plan, but may purchase any commuter meal plan.
  • Residential students that are classified as new, full-time freshmen or first-year students are required to have 19 meal plan for their first academic year.
  • Any resident student residing in the residence halls who fails to choose a dining plan by the University contract deadline will be automatically contracted for 19 meal plan.
  • Meals may only be redeemed at Bedell Hall Cafeteria, Austin Grill, and Viking Subs. Viking Bucks are accepted at Austin Grill and Viking Subs. Meal Plan and Viking Bucks cannot be used in the ECSU Campus Store.
  • Dining facilities are open when undergraduate classes are in session and accept meal plans during the Fall and Spring semesters with the following exceptions: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.
  • Patrons who are dining in, food cannot be removed from the cafeteria. However, take-out is available for patrons who wish not to dine in.


  1. Meal Plan Changes
  • To request a change of Meal Plan, please submit this Meal Plan Change Form.
  • Meal plan changes must be requested within the first week of the academic semester. After the first week of classes, changes to meal plans are no longer accepted.
  • Students may, at any time during the Semester, change to higher-tier meal plan. Students changing from a less expensive plan to a more expensive plan option will be required to pay a prorated charge based on the date of the change.
  • Dining services refunds or reduced rates cannot be made because of special dietary requirements. However, Dining Services staff will work with students to identify available food options to meet the student’s needs at no additional cost. Meal plans can not be reduced or waived for individuals who follow specific personal diet plans, such as vegetarian or vegan diets.


  1. Meal Plan Cancellations
  • In all cases, students who wish to cancel their meal plan must complete the Meal Plan Cancellation Form.
  • Students who cancel or buy out of their Housing Contract for any reason or are evicted from Residence Life will require a $100 cancellation fee for canceling their Meal Plan. This fee is applicable to any semester in which your meal plan is cancelled.
  • The University may grant cancellation of this contract in certain cases, such as academic dismissal, academic withdrawal from the University, or for some other unforeseen circumstance.
  • Meal plans are refundable on a prorated basis less any Vikings Bucks funds used less any fees or charges.


  1. Meal Plan Cancellation Fee Schedule           
Students Date Cancellation Received Cancellation Fee
All New Applications, Returning
and Continuing Residents

  Before Meal Plan starts each semester   $100 
  During 1st week of classes   Meal Plan Prorated + $100
  During 2nd - 4th week of classes   Meal Plan Prorated + $100
  Any time after 4th week of classes   Meal Plan Prorated + $100