Vending Services



Campus vending provides students, faculty, staff and visitors a wide selection of fresh, convenient, and reasonably priced food, beverage, and assorted products. Available vending products include: soft drinks, bottled water, candy, snacks and pastries.

Vending machines are located throughout the campus at convenient locations, including residential halls.


To report any service issues or if you would like to request a refund, please contact the following:

If you encounter a problem with a Pepsi vending machine, on evening and weekends please call 1-800-879-8884,
noting the “Equipment Number" from the machine.

If you encounter a problem with a snack vending machine, please call 1-800-CRH-VND1 or 1-800-274-8631.
You will need to provide the location of the machine and details of the issue.

For continuous problems with a vending machine, please call 252-335-3660 or 252-335-3578 so that the issue can be resolved. Please take note of the specific location of the machine and be able to provide as much detail as possible about the problem.



 In cases of severe vandalism or someone breaking into a machine,  please call Campus Police immediately at 252-335-3266.


A full listing of machine locations by campus and building can be found below:

Residence Halls  Drinks Snacks
Location Location
Viking Towers Lobby Lobby
University Suites 3rd Floor Break Room  Lobby
University Towers Box 16 Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room
University Towers Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room
Viking Village Lobby Lobby
Viking Village Computer room/lounge None
Office Buildings  Drinks Snacks
Location Location
Commuter Center-Bowling Alley Outside in the Front Back Lounge Area
Dixon Hall  (motor pool side) 1st Floor Lobby 1st Floor Lobby
Fine Arts Building 1 Floor Entrance 1st Floor Entrance
Gilchrist Education Vending Room 110 Vending Room 110
Griffin Hall Vending Room Vending Room
H.L. Trigg  Lounge Lounge
Information Tech Center 1st Floor Lounge 1st Floor Lounge
Thomasd Jenkins Building Hallway CP & Facility Hallway CP & Facility 
Jenkins Science Center 1st Floor Lobby 1st Floor Lobby
Johnson Hall Student Lounge Hallway By Ladies Room
K. E. White Graduate Center North Lobby North Lobby 
Lane Hall Front Entrance Front Entrance
Lester Hall Hall By Old Book Store Hall By Old Book Store
M. D. Thorpe Administration Bldg. 3rd Floor Beside AA 3rd Floor Beside AA
Pharmacy Complex 1st Floor Lobby 1st Floor Lobby
R. L. Vaughan Center Lobby Lobby
Ridley Hall - University Center By Entrance Book Store By Entrance Book Store
Thomas Jenkins Building Hallway CP & Facility Hallway CP & Facility 
Williams Hall Student Lounge Student Lounge