Frequently Asked Questions

ECSU uses Touchnet services to process all online payments, upload billing statements, setup payment plans, setup direct deposit of student refunds and distribute 1098T tax forms.


Tuition is the cost that Elizabeth City State University charges to provide educational services to students.     Although tuition is an annual cost, students are expected to pay the value of each term before the beginning of each semester starts in order to go to class.  ECSU participates in the NC Promise program to offer affordable, high-quality education to our students.

Tuition Fee Schedule

All students attending ECSU are charged these mandatory fees according to your program registration.

  • The Athletics fee provide funds for intercollegiate athletic programs and for the maintenance and operation of athletic facilities. 
  • The Health Services Fee finance health and medical services for students, including the maintenance and operation of student health centers. 
  • The Student Activities Fee provide funds for non-academic student services and for the maintenance and operation of facilities used in conjunction with those services. 
  • The Educational and Technology fee provide for specialized instructional supplies and services and for scientific and information technology equipment.
  • The Campus Safety fee is used toward a variety of health and safety initiatives on campus and comply with federal safety regulations.

On your billing statement you will find your class schedule, all tuition and fee charges and room and board.  Also on your billing statement, you will see all credits/payments which includes financial aid awards posted and the current balance due.  To log in, follow the instructions for access the Online Payment Suite in SSB.

You can make payments using your Online Payment Suite in SSB.  Follow the log in instructions under access the Online Payment Suite.  You can pay your balance in full, make a partial payment or setup a payment plan.  You can make as many online payments as you like using either a credit card, debit card, check or a combination of all to satisfy your bill.

The due date for Fall bills are Friday, August 5, 2022

The due date for Spring bills are Tuesday, Janaury 3, 2023

The due date for the Fall and Spring tuition and fees are posted on the website on the Tuition and Fee Schedule page.   

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents ECSU from releasing student information to parents or guardians without authorized consent from the student.  By becoming an authorized user on the student account, a parent/guardian/other will have access to Online Payment Suite only with their own log in and password.  It simple, log into SSB, go to the Online Payment Suite, click on the link for Authorized Users.  You can setup as many authorized as you like. 

Holds are indicators on your student account that can be that some action must be taken from the department that posted the hold on your student account.  If there is a hold from the Office of Student Accounts, please contact immediately to resolve.  Depending on the hold, it may delay access to registration, grades, transcripts and on occasion payment posting. See Restrictions and Financial Holds for detailed review.  

A student refund is processed when payments posted to the student account are greater than the charges which creates a credit balance.   If that credit balance is eligible to be returned to the student, a refund will be processed.  These refunds can be processed electronically with direct deposit.


To sign up for direct deposit:

  • log into SSB and click on Student
  • then Student Accounts and View Bill/Make a Payment.
  • Click on the Electronic Refunds link and follow the instructions. 
    • Make sure you are setting up your refund account using your bank's routing number and your checking account  number and not your debit card.

The tax form 1098T for is used to report student payment information to the IRS.  All U.S. citizens that are enrolled at least half-time at a college or university should receive this form every year.  The form is delivered electronically.

Book rental is automatically charged to all undergraduate students on a per credit hour basis. 

This is a mandatory fee and there is no opt out option.

  1. Log on to Self Service Banner (SSB) using your Domain ID and password
  2. Click on the Student tab
  3. Click on Student Accounts
  4. Click on View Bill/Make a Payment