Paying Your Tuition and Fees

Paying Your Tuition and Fees

Payment Options 

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure payment arrangements to satisfy balances in full have been made on their account in order to attend for the semester.  Students who do not make payment in full or arrangements on their outstanding balances are subject to class cancellations.  All payments must be made in US Dollars.  ECSU does not accept payment in foreign currency.  We offer the following payment options for students: 

  • Credit card payments (Online) - Pay online by logging on to Self Service Banner (SSB) with your Domain User ID and password.  The online system accepts payment using one of the four major credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.  The online payment system is a real-time payment system and payments will appear on the student's account immediately.  Students may also set up authorized users to make payments to their accounts.  
  • Electronic check payments (Online) - Pay via the online payment system using a checking or savings account by entering pertinent banking information.  Students may also set up authorized users to make payments to their accounts.  Any online payments not honored by the financial institution will result in a returned check penalty and the student's classes are subject to cancellation.
  • Check or Money Order - Mail your check or money order along with an electronic bill to the ECSU Cashier's Office, 1704 Weeksville Road, CB 950, Elizabeth City, NC 27909.  Please make the check or money order payable to Elizabeth City State University and ensure that the student's name and ID number are included in the memo line.  Payments that do not include the student's identifying information will be returned to sender.  Checks must be drawn on US banks; checks drawn on foreign banks will not be processed.  Do not send cash through the mail.  

Please note: In the event that your check or electronic check payment is returned by your bank for any reason a $25.00 return fee will be charged to your student account per incident.  After the first return, check writing privileges are suspended until the return is paid.  After two returned checks, checks will not be accepted for payment toward a student's account regardless of the maker of the check. Students with two returned checks will not be allowed to process electronic checks.  Payment on returns must be made in the form of cash, credit card or guaranteed funds (cashier's check or money order).

  • In-person - Pay in person at the Cashier window using cash, check (valid ID required), money order, and MasterCard or VISA credit cards (valid ID required).  Payments will post immediately.
  • Priority/Overnight Packages - Send all payments by priority or overnight services to the Elizabeth City State University, Attn: Cashier Office, Ste121 Marion D. Thorpe Administration Building, First Floor, 1704 Weeksville Road, Elizabeth City, NC 27909.
  • Tuition payment plan - Sign up for a payment plan in order to pay tuition, fees, and room and board in installments. 

ECSU/TouchNet Monthly Payment Plan

Elizabeth City State University partners with Touchnet Systems to offer a monthly payment plan. The plan starts with a five-month payment schedule; the first payment is due at signup.  The plan is available by semester only: tuition, fees, room and board and any applicable aid are applied per semester.  A student can only have one payment plan per semester.  The payments will automatically be taken from the payment method you provide at signup.

The payment plan will be open for enrollment starting July 1, 2019 and enrollment will close on August 19, 2019.  If you setup your payment plan in the month of July, you could spread your payments over 5 months.  

There is a $40 nonrefundable fee to enroll in the monthly payment plan.  There is a $25 fee for returned checks due to insufficient funds. Since the monthly payment plan is not a loan, there are no interest or finance charges included in the payment plan.

Payment plans can only be used for current semester charges.  All prior balances must be paid in full before you can start class and cannot be included in your semester payment plan.

Touchnet is directly linked into our Banner system and reflects real-time activity on a student account.  Monthly payments will recalculate up until 7 days before the payment is due to reflect any changes in tuition and fees, financial aid or other miscellaneous fees or payments.

The plan is set up to pay the remainder balance due on the account after charges, financial aid or any other payments are applied to the account.  When you have new charges, your plan payment amounts will go up: when you have payments or other credits, your plan payment amounts will go down.

Again, the payment plan enrollment period is from July 1, 2019 to August 19, 2019 for Fall 2019 and December 1, 2019 to January 21, 2020 for Spring 2020 Semester.  The automatic payment due dates are as follows:

Fall Semester                          Spring Semester

August 25, 2019                      January 25, 2020

September 25, 2019                February 25, 2020

October 25, 2019                    March 25, 2020

November 25, 2019                April 25, 2020


To access the ECSU payment plan and additional payment services, simply click here.  With your SSB account you:

Have 24/7 secure account access
Can view your student account, view or print billing statements
Could make online payments
Could setup automatic payment plan
Could setup direct deposit for electronic refunds if applicable
Could add an Authorized User

To setup a payment plan:

1.       Log on to Self Service Banner (SSB) using your Domain ID and password

2.       Click on the Student tab

3.       Click on Student Summary

4.       Choose Account Summary/Activity

5.       Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on View online bill/payment

6.       Acknowledge the secure redirection by clicking on “I Agree”

7.       Click on enroll in a payment plan.


Other Payment Options

Waiver Submission Deadlines
Term Deadline
Fall July 30
Spring November 30
Summer April 30


  • Payroll Deduction - Faculty and Staff of Elizabeth City State University can elect to have the cost of tuition and fees deduction from their payroll in three equal installments.  The payroll deduction agreement should be completed no later than registration day.  Please contact Student Accounts for enrollment.
  • Tuition Waivers - Full-time Faculty and Staff of Elizabeth City State University are entitled to tuition waiver benefits.  If you are an employee please contact Human Resources for the appropriate waiver form.  Submit the completed form to Student Accounts no later than registration day.
  • Financial Aid Payments - Students who complete the FASFA and are awarded financial aid must accept the terms and conditions online and complete promissory notes for any loans in order for your financial aid to be recognized as payment toward your account.  If you have not been awarded financial aid prior to the start of the semester, you must be prepared to set up a payment plan for the balance due on your account in order to clear financially for the semester.     
  • Third Party Contract Payments - If you are a student who will be receiving payment from an outside agency to cover the cost of tuition, fees, room or board, please print and provide a copy of the third party contract authorization form to the agency. The Student Accounts Office will bill the agency for the amount authorized and any remaining balance will be billed directly to you as the student.  Outside agencies, must submit payment within thirty days of the payment due date. Any balances not received within sixty days become the responsibility of the student and holds will be placed on the student's account. We will only bill the agency for the amount as agreed per the authorization. If the agency does not complete the authorization timely, classes may be dropped for non-payment.  If an authorization to pay a student's account is received from a third party that STIPULATES THAT IT IS A REIMBURSEMENT, which means that the third party will only pay if the student completes the semester or receives a specific grade in a class, we WILL NOT GIVE THE STUDENT CREDIT IN ADVANCE. The student will have to pay the account and be reimbursed by the third party.  If the authorization states that the third party will pay the students account and there are NO STIPULATIONS, we will set up a contract account and link the student so he/she can receive credit for the amount the third party agency will cover. The third party will be billed later for the student charges. Please print a copy of the information for third party contracts under the forms and documents section.