University Police Internship Program

University Police Internship Program



The Elizabeth City State University Internship Program is a cooperative effort between Elizabeth City State University's Criminal Justice Program and Elizabeth City Police Department.  This program has become a vital arem of the department, mentoring college students interest in law enforcement-related careers gain valuable experience and knowledge by working with commissioned police officers while they perform their law enforcement duties as well as security officer.

Mission Statement

We, the members of Elizabeth City State University Police Department, are committed to providing the highest level of law enforcement and security service.  We will improve the safety and quality of life at the University by building partnerships that reduce crime, responsive to needs of others, maintaining order and create a safe environment while upholding the laws of North Carolina and the United States Constitution.  We adhere to the principles of Responsibility, Integrity, Professionalism, Respect and Fairness.

Elizabeth City State University Police Department Values

  • We are Responsible.  We are accountable for our actions to the community and each other.  We are a team committed to ensuring the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.
  • We have Integrity.  We are committed to the highest level of professional and ethical standards.  We foster public trust by being honest, fair, and consistent.

  • We are Professional.  We are dedicated to providing quality service by being progressive, well trained, disciplined and highly motivated employees.  We serve as role models for the university by projecting a positive image with a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

  • We are Respectful.  We are duty bound to uphold the constitution, the rights and liberties of all people.  We are sensitive to the needs of everyone.  We treat everyone with dignity, understanding, and compassion in a way we want to be treated.

  • We are Fair.  We deliver consistent service to a culturally diverse university through understanding, open-mindedness, and non-prejudicial judgment.  We are equally responsive to the needs of all people.

Entry into Internship Program (Criminal Justice Major ONLY)

An intern is a non-paid department member.  They must pass a background investigation.  An intern will not receive any college credit for their work during their internship in the program.  Interns are required to volunteer 200 hours of service.  Interns will, at all times, conduct themselves appropriately as representatives of law enforcement on campus and in our community.  They will practice good moral judgment and skills and will present themselves in a professional manner.  In addition, interns must be in good physical condition in order to meet the everyday demands of the law enforcement field.

 Interns will be provided with an overview of the Elizabeth City State University Police Department which will include a tour of the University Police and introduction to appropriate division personnel. 

Advantages of an Internship

An internship position with the Elizabeth City State University Police Department is a great resume builder.  Besides the obvious benefit of developing many personal and professional contacts and skills, the fact that you have passed a police background check will give you a competitive edge when entering the job market.  Interns like the working relationships they form with officers and find the work interesting.

Internship Program Training

The Elizabeth City State University Police Department operates a very comprehensive and efficient program for training its interns.

 As an Intern you will learn department policies and procedures, with an emphasis on confidentiality and safety.  In preparation for service, you will be provided basic program training on the organization and functions of the Elizabeth State University Police Department.  Assignment-specific training will generally be on-the-job and provided by your immediate supervisor.  The training will be focused on the unique tasks of the specific assignment.  Below are lists of trainings in which interns participate or observe.

Program Training:

Patrol/Specialized Ride-Along (Sworn & Non-Sworn Officers)

Observe Court Room Testimony

Crime Report Writing

Observe Police Radio procedures

Observe local 911 Communication Center

Traffic Stops

Handcuffing Procedures

Traffic Ticket Violations procedures and laws


Implement an Improvement on Police and Community Relations Program

Elizabeth City State University community rely on University Police Departments to “protect and serve” and the police, in turn, rely on the community support and cooperation, but the relationship is not always harmonious.  The University Police is assigning our interns to examine and implement a program to improve the relationships between law enforcement and the ECSU community. 

Internship Responsibilities

 The Elizabeth City State University Police Department Internship Program has certain expectations from its interns.  As an intern you may have some job responsibilities that are specific to the job that you are assigned to and some general responsibilities.  The following are some such requirements which will assist in smooth functioning of the program.

 Interns will be responsible for notifying their program manager or work supervisor when they will be taking an extended leave of absence, lateness or will not be able to come to work.  Failure to complete the Intern Program requirements without prior approval from the program manager or work supervisor will result in the non-completion of the intern agreement. 

 Interns will record or log their own hours and activities every day and a supervisor will sign off each week.  Interns are required to wear their ECSU identification card at all time when working.

 Remember being an Intern is a privilege

 Always remember being an intern is a privilege and not a right.  Interns are expected to complete their agreement with the University Police Department.  Although interns give their time without pay, interns must observe the department’s policies and procedures and respect the decorum of the University Police Department at all times.


If there any questions contact Tamika C. Vann, Administrative Office Personnel at (252) 335-3095, (252) 335-3266 or