Steps to find a work-study job

Steps to find a work-study job

Note: Only students that are awarded and have accepted work-study can apply for work-study positions or the pool. 

  1.  Regularly check Federal Work-Study Job Listings page.

  2.  Apply for jobs. There are two ways to find a work-study job.  

  • Option 1:  Apply to a specific posted position. Click on the Federal Work Study button under the Student heading.  You will find specific job postings for each department, so you can apply for the jobs that interest you.
  • Option 2: Submit your application to the work-study job pool. With this option, your application is posted along with a “pool” of many other applicants. Departments will search through the pool applicants to choose those they wish to interview.
  1.  Interview and accept a job. This process will give you valuable experience for when you interview for future career positions. Accept the job that best fits you and your skills, or experience you wish to gain. 
  2. Attend the Work-Study Orientation. Attendance is required before you begin working.

  3.  Sign Federal Work Study Contract and other docucments listed on the Federal Work Study: Employee webpage.

  4. Wait for Verification Clearance by Human Resources

  5. Begin Work