Life/ Supplemental Insurance


Life Insurance & Supplemental Insurance


Voya is the pre-tax NCFlex life insurance plan which is covered under the core benefits.


 The following are additional vendors that offer life insurance via payroll deduction, as well as,  a variety of supplemental insurance policies such as disability, sick, life, intensive care, etc.

  • AFLAC, 252-793-4608 (Representative, Connie Robinson, 252-793-4973)
  • Allstate Insurance Company, 336-992-4515 (Representative, Terry Williams, 336-992-4547)
  • Colonial Life, 800-325-4368 (Representative, Ken Lang, 252-353-7262)
  • Selman Company -formerly North Carolina Mutual,  800-635-4467 (Representative, William Walton, 704-430-6094)


Contact the representative for more information regarding these policies.