Search Committee Essentials

Search Committee Essentials


Search committee members will find relevant documents listed here. These items are also available under the Internal Posting Documents section of the Posting Summary in PeopleAdmin.


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Priority Reemployment for Policy-Making and Exempt Managerial Employees (SHRA only)

Priority (SHRA only) -Promotional priority consideration shall be provided if it is determined that an eligible career status employee and an outside applicant have “substantially equal qualifications,” then the eligible employee must receive the job offer over an outside applicant.

Reduction In Force Priority (SHRA only) -Employees with career status (as defined by GS 126-1.1), who have received official written notification of imminent separation due to reduction in force, are eligible for priority consideration for a period of 12 months from the date of the official written notification.

Veteran’s Preference -The eligible veteran shall be hired when overall qualifications are substantially equal to the nonveterans in the most qualified applicant pool unless there are State employees with a priority as described in the policy.