EPA Personnel Administration

EPA Personnel Administration


The EPA Personnel Administration reports to the Director for Human Resources and is responsible for centralizing the personnel administration of all EPA employees (faculty and EPA non-teaching) and providing a "one-stop" shop for excellent human resource service to EPA personnel.

General Responsibilities

  • Reviewing and analyzing job descriptions for all new and existing EPA and faculty positions to determine the appropriate title/classification based on EPA position guidelines
  • Reviewing and providing direction on recommendations for hire for all EPA personnel
  • Developing and completing EPA personnel reports to ECSU's Board of Trustees and the UNC Board of Governors
  • Initiating EPA personnel contracts
  • Overseeing the salary increase process for all EPA personnel 
  • Collecting salary data from peer institutions for use in awarding salary increases
  • Consulting and revising EPA personnel procedures and policies

Policies Governing EPA Personnel


Change in Submission of Time Sheets - It has become necessary to change the due dates of time sheets in order to continue our work in HR Banner Payroll; therefore, effective immediately, all time sheets and leave request forms are due in Human Resources by the end of the second business day beginning May 4. Other critical due dates are June 2, July 2, August 4, September 2, etc.
The Performance Cycle or evaluation period for EPA Non-Teaching and Career Banded employees is as follows:
EPA Non Teaching
Planning Period or Goals and Objectives
July 1
  Mid Year Evaluation January
  Year End Evaluation June 30
  Due in Human Resources July 17
Career Banded Planning Period April 1
  Mid Year Evaluation December 30
  Year End Evaluation April 30
  Due in Human Resources May 22


Paula Bowe
Human Resources Consultant / 
EPA Personnel Administration
Phone: (252)335-3251
252-335-3415 - fax
Elizabeth City State University
1704 Weeksville Road
Elizabeth City, NC  27909