Duo: What is 2-Factor Authentication?


Watch this short video to find out:


You can find more information on 2-Factor Authentication and Duo at https://guide.duo.com/.


Watch this short video to see exactly how Duo works when logging into your Viking account:



Duo Step-By-step Self-Enrollment Guide

The ECSU Duo self-enrollment process makes it easy to register your phone and install the Duo Mobile application on your Android, Apple, or Windows smartphone or tablet.

Start here by watching this short step-by-step tutorial:



Step 1. You will receive an email: "ECSU Duo Security Enrollment". Follow the on-screen enrollment instructions. (Be sure to have your mobile phone handy.)

The Duo Device Enrollment Flow Overview - So You Know The Process:

1. Add a device: Choose "Mobile Phone"

2. Add your mobile phone number

3. Install Duo Mobile free app (Android or iOS)

*NOTE*: At this step, even if you do NOT want to use the mobile app, you will still click the "I have Duo Mobile installed" button.  Once you have clicked button, and you do not plan on using the mobile app, your phone number is in the Duo system, and you are done with enrollment.

If you do plan on using the mobile app, proceed with step 4, and scan the QR code:

4. Activate the new device - take a photo of the QR Code with your mobile phone.

Duo Flow

Duo is used when logging into:

  • Office 365/Outlook (Email)
  • Banner
  • Blackboard

Duo is NOT used when logging into:


If you have any issues with enrolling or logging in with Duo, please be sure to put in an IT Helpdesk ticket at (helpdesk.ecsu.edu), or give our IT Helpdesk a call at 252-335-3532.