Request an Email/Domain Account

Request an Email/Domain Account

Before Requesting an Account

Before requesting an Email/Domain Account, please review the following information:

  • Check the ECSU Web Directory: view the existing email accounts, click here. If the account is not listed, see instructions below.
  • Reset Password: submit a request to reset your email/domain password, click here.

Faculty & Staff

For ECSU faculty and staff (permanent or temporary), the creation of the email/domain account is initiated in Human Resources and processed in IT Network Services.

Faculty/Staff Only: check the Faculty & Staff Directory. If account is not listed, please contact human resources.


For ECSU students, email/domain accounts are initiated and created for incoming students by IT Network Services, either for new student orientation or within the first week of school (there are a few exceptions).

Students Only: check the Student Email Directory. If account is not listed, submit an on-line request.