IT Service Desk

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The IT Service Desk is your single point of contact for resolving computing problems remotely, answering questions, and ultimately connecting you with the right IT expert so your needs are met as quickly as possible.

Support Options

Submit an IT Ticket Request via Ticketing System

IT Ticket requests are submitted via email to the IT Service Desk. The request will be logged immediately and you will receive an IT Ticket number. Failure to follow the instructions completely will delay processing your request. Click here to watch a video on the ticket submission process.  

Simply go to: or from our navigation bar on the left click on the Submit a Ticket link. You can also find this link from the home page under Inside ECSU.

1.   Enter your domain name and password.

2.   Select ECSU for the organization.

3.   Click login

4.   Click IT Service Desk

5.   Click New

6.   Complete the request

7.   Click Save


Once you submit your ticket, you’ll receive an email that confirms we’ve received your message. Once logged in, you can open and update tickets, as well as browse through a database of solutions for common problems.Tickets that are currently open in our footprints system will be resolved in that system and will not move to the new system.

This new process is a university wide best practice and it’s the only way to guarantee prompt service. If you don’t submit a ticket, you will not be able to get work done on your requests.

 Some of the new features that will allow faster response time on tickets are:

Integrated communication with a customer through built-in email, so all questions or requests are easily captured in the ticket.
Automated ticket creation using our IT web forms, such as new INB access request or new computer requests.
Full integration with other departments that support our email and networking systems allowing quicker turn-around time for those related service requests.

On the customer side, the major change you will see are the emails you receive when a ticket is opened or resolved will have a different look than the current emails from the footprints system.
 Please contact IT Client Services at 252-335-3532 if you have any questions on this new ticketing system. 


Please remember

“No ticket, No work done”

Submit an IT Ticket Request via Phone

  1. Call the IT Service Desk at (252) 335-3532 between 8:00am - 5:00pm.
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Requestor’s name,
    • Extension,
    • Location (Room # & Building), and
    • Detailed description of the request.

Helpful Tips for Better Service

  • Document any error messages that occur during the problem.
  • Be sure to capture your IT Ticket number and the name of the technician who assisted you with the request.
  • Backup any files you store on your hard drive to an alternate data source such as a CD, DVD, or USB drive.

Deliver & Receive Equipment to ITC for an IT Ticket Request

The requestor has an option to call extension 3532 with reference to the IT Ticket number and schedule an appointment to deliver equipment that needs repaired or setup. This process ensures the service request and a person will be available at the specified time.