Section 500: Student Affairs


500.1 Student Conduct
500.1.3 Student Rights and Steps in the Judicial Process [Repealed]
500.1.4 Appellate Flow Chart [Repealed]
500.1.5 Student Hearing Bodies and Procedures [Repealed]
500.1.9 Policy on Firearms and Weapons [Repealed, replaced by Policy 900.4.1.4]
500.1.11 Sexual Assault Policy for Students [Repealed, see Policy 900.4.1.5]
500.2 Residence Life
500.3 Student Life
500.3.1 General
500.3.1.1 Student Activity Admissions Policy [Repealed]
 500.3.2 Clubs and Organizations
500.3.3 Greek Life
500.3.3.1 ECSU Greek Life Privacy Statement [Repealed]
500.3.3.3 Greek-lettered Fraternities and Sororities Membership Intake Procedure [Repealed]
500.3.3.4 Membership Eligibility for Greek-lettered Fraternities and Sororities [Repealed]
500.3.4 Commuter Students
500.3.5 Intramural
500.3.6 Mr. and Miss ECSU
500.3.6.1 Mr. and Miss ECSU Policy on Becoming Elected [Repealed]
500.3.7 Facilities
500.4 Counseling and Testing
500.5   Student Health Services
500.6   Other Student Affairs Policies and Procedures
500.6.2 Off Campus Events Policy [Repealed]