National Alumni Association

Message from the President

Fellow Vikings and Friends,
Welcome to our webpage! The fact that you are visiting our site means for us that you may be interested in finding out more about the ECSU NAA. First, let me say, the NAA is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization with a singular purpose - to support ECSU.

For those who are already members of the association know that, true to the Viking image, we are a fiercely loyal, tenacious group of alumni and friends who manifest our support in three primary areas:

  • Recruitment to identify talented students who aspire to attend a small comprehensive university like ECSU;
  • Fundraising to provide scholarships for current and future Vikings, as well as provide support for other university programs and initiatives; and 
  • Association Membership to increase our strength as an association and to be the voice on matters of importance to ECSU alumni. 

In serving our purpose, we have 33 chapters nationwide that stand ready to advise prospective ECSU students, host fundraising events, and accept membership applications from interested alumni and friends.

Now that you are here, take a minute to download our membership application and join one of the most active HBCU NAA's in the nation.

  • Annual Dues - $50
  • Local Dues - Vary per chapter
  • Life Membership - $750 per person/$1250 per married couple

To connect with a local chapter, check out our website listing. Our local chapter leaders will be delighted to have you join them in their quest to provide enduring support to our alma mater.

With Viking pride,

Abdul Sm. Rasheed
Class of 1971