About the Gala

About the Gala


Hugh CaleIt was on the 17th of January, 1891 that Hugh Cale presented to the North Carolina General Assembly House Bill 383 asking for establishment of the State Colored Normal School at Elizabeth City. On the 3rd of March 1891, that bill was passed and properly enrolled.

This year, ECSU will celebrate 131 years since that historic event, recognizing that Elizabeth City State University has provided northeast North Carolina with a student-centered environment of higher education that emphasizes accountability, diversity, excellence and a holistic approach to student preparation for leadership roles and lifelong learning.

ECSU is committed to educating our diverse population of students by investing in their future, and the future of the region. Today’s students are not only participating in their education, but are also active in the surrounding community, making them a viable part of the region’s economic and social fabric. The dedication and devotion that students put towards their studies should be recognized and rewarded. In order to make education affordable to families, scholarships prove to students that their academic and personal achievements are noteworthy. For the past 51 years, the ECSU Foundation and its contributors have provided scholarship assistance to hundreds of Viking students.

The purpose of the Founders Day Scholarship Gala, now in its fifteenth year, is to raise scholarship funding for deserving students. In 2021, seventy percent of the Gala proceeds funded scholarship needs. With your support, the number of scholarships awarded will increase and together we can help make a difference.   Will you join us?

About the ECSU Foundation

The Elizabeth City State University Foundation (the "Foundation"), is a nonprofit corporation incorporated on February 2, 1971 under the laws of the State of North Carolina. The Foundation's purpose is to provide financial assistance to students of Elizabeth City State University, to facilitate fundraising efforts on behalf of the University, and to serve as an advocate for the University in the community at large. The Foundation is the single member of the Elizabeth City State University Housing Foundation, LLC (Housing Foundation) and is a limited liability company formed in North Carolina on December 20, 2002. Its purpose is to further the charitable purposes of the Foundation and to construct student housing facilities for use by the University.

ECSU Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.